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CDC Plans to Use RFID in Ebola Serum

Updated on October 19, 2014
Injecting a RFID
Injecting a RFID
A Biometric label with RFID
A Biometric label with RFID

Just in case you don't know, for years now, tiny RFID chips have been used under the skin of cattle to track them on many ranches. The same chip can easily and painlessly be injected under the skin of humans. They are small enough to move through a needle threading hole. Also, biometric membranes can be easily applied to the skin containing valuable personal data to prevent fraud etc.

As Big Brother gets closer, so does the Antichrist, whose object is to control masses. With the technology now ready to deploy, lacking was a valid reason for the masses to want to get it instead of forcing it. According to the CDC whistleblower, the CDC is planning to use the Ebola scare as the opportunity to implant the RFID in Americans. The CDC is also planning to offer Americans an Ebola vaccine of some sort tainted with the tiny RFID chip. Each syringe will have it and the chip can be injected into the blood. The CDC plans to offer, free of charge, the "vaccine" for up to 200,000 Americans in the first phase and it can also be found at local drug stores. This vaccine will be first available in December.

The purpose is to identify those who have been vaccinated and those who are not. Those who refuse, will find that getting a job, holding a job, getting medical help will be difficult because of the threat of spreading Ebola. But the nefarious thing is that what else can the RFID do? Who gets the information? Up to now, the government has said there is no vaccine, yet, according to the insider, there is just not enough at this moment. With Americans being implanted, mass control can occur, the act of buying or selling can be allowed or not (you may have money but if it is required that you show you have had the vaccine before, and you do not, the clerk will refuse you. Much like ID for alcohol). Was Ebola allowed to enter the US for this reason? Just to create the hysteria that it has and to justify this End Times event?

According the the CDC plan, those you refuse the serum could face a misdemeanor or worse, could lose their job as the government will put fines on businesses that harbor them. Ebola in the USA has caused the death of 1 person, flu causes the death of 54,000 yearly in the US, so all the hysteria you hear is propaganda created by the government to convince the public to get the serum.

Whether all this is true, time will tell, and if events prove this, you have a choice. The Ebola scare is the perfect scare tactic to deploy the RFID to the masses in a vaccine. But, Antichrist cannot control masses of people unless there is a technology that allows it. The RFID chip or biometric label is it.

You might think you can elect not to accept it, well, that is what many think about Obamacare medical plans. The grace period is gone and the government penalizes those who do not have it now with increasing heavy fines. The Government forces employers to ask for the social security number and proof of citizenship before any can hire you. If you don't have it, it is becoming more difficult to find work because of the severe fines imposed on those who hire those not legally here. So, to think you will be able to refuse it, you might, but life will become much more difficult.


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