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CDC Releases Top Three Tips for Avoiding the Flu

Updated on March 18, 2013

Avoid the Flu with Recommendations from the CDC

The flu has become a nightmare. Every year, it seems to mutate and produce a stronger strain of itself. People die each year, and the government has responded with new antidotes every year. Additionally, the CDC has issued tips for the general public to keep everyone safe.

Get the Recommended Flu Shot

The CDC highly recommends flu shots for everyone. While the supplies are reserved for the very young and very old in times of shortages, it is recommended that all ages offer their arms for vaccines. While there are many different types of flu, the vaccine covers the three most common types. Every year, the CDC investigates which three will be most common and offers vaccinations for these types.

Take Precautions Every Day

The best way to avoid illness is to avoid those whom are ill. If ill people are not to be avoided, wash your hands constantly. Hand washing is the first line of defense against many illnesses. If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose. Not only will this stop the spread of your germs, but it will help deter germs from entering your exposed mucous membranes. Additionally, use tissues to scratch or wipe your eyes. Finally, disinfect any surfaces that might have contact with flu germs.

Take Flu Antiviral Drugs If Prescribed by a Doctor

These drugs are given to people who have the flu by their doctor. If these drugs are given to you, be sure to take them. They are not antibiotics, rather, they are drugs which shorten the life of the flu. While you haven't avoided the flu if you are taking these drugs, you are preventing the spread of the flu to others. This is especially important if you live with young children or senior citizens.

Be sure to follow these CDC recommendations to not only avoid getting the flu, but also to avoid spreading the flu to others. If we work together, we can keep the flu from getting to others. Perhaps we could save a few lives. For more information and details, visit the CDC website.

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