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My Real Life SCARY Experiences With No Cell Phone

Updated on October 26, 2014

I Learned The Hard Way To Keep My Cell Charged

I am raising awareness to an important, yet not so publicized topic and that is, "KEEP YOUR CELL PHONE CHARGED AND WITH YOU!" This could mean "life" or "death" in some situations, as I have learned the hard way. Fortunately my guardian angel worked overtime and I am here to tell my stories.

Lost, Alone And Scared

It was around 2005, we had just moved from a small town in Oklahoma to the suburbs of Tulsa. My husband was from this area so he knew all the streets and highways, but as for me — I was clueless.

It was around 11 p.m. when I was wondering around trying to find my way, after attending a company meeting. I was all dressed up and no place to go, but to get back to my brothers house to pick up my kids. Somehow I ended on the wrong part of town. I had failed to keep my phone charged, it went dead and I didn't have a car charger either (double trouble).

I stopped at a convenience store to get directions, the cashier and all around him was sky high on "something." They just stared at me like I was a million miles away and gave me some "off the wall" response. I hurried out of there in a flash with no directions.

On my way out this fancy car whips in front of me and a very large built man, decked out in jewels etc. rolled down his window. He said, " Baby girl come here!" His voice was very demanding, my vehicle was quite a distance over from his, so I had to think quick. Surprisingly against my personality (that would normally run, run, and gas it out of there), I felt checked.
I decided I better not take the chance and run; so I said a quick prayer, walked over to his window and showed no fear.

The man held out a CD and said, " I want you to buy this!" Then he went on with this big spill that he was a rapper and if I were him I would want to sell mine. I said, "I don't even know if I have any cash on me and I don't listen to rap. He started getting more demanding and told me to reach in my purse, get my ATM card and go get the money. I explained that I honestly did not have it with me (I was relieved I left it). I found a $10 instead and said, " This is all I have,"and I showed my wallet empty. He took the money, pulled out a small dagger and slit open the CD (looking up at me).

I kept my cool, and faked confidence and fearlessness. He wrote in the CD jacket and handed it to me. He told me he knew I was lost and wanted to follow me and give me directions. He reached his hand out to me, I just shook the tip of his fingers and said, " Thanks, but I'll get there!" I lost my fear of running and away I went. The man stared and immediately got on his cell phone. I hit the gas and away I went, I found a main road and eventually my way back to my brother's house.

My husband came and got us and had to calm me down. We called the police, but they said they couldn't do anything since I wasn't hurt. I had the dudes CD, I was just wanting them to contact him and stop him from forcing sells and showing off his dagger in manipulation. However, nothing was done, since I wasn't hurt physically.

His CD had obscene lyrics about raping women, I was thankful to be safe!

Ran Out Of Gas With Dead Phone

This story happened three weeks after my previous story about being lost. Did I learn my lesson? Not quite, I once again let my busy life being a mommy be my excuse instead of my reason to -- KEEP MY PHONE CHARGED!!! ( I was crazy for not immediately picking up a car charger too).

Note: Most people don't think scary things can happen ironically so close together, but they sure can!

My husband was helping my parents in Oklahoma City, building their house. I came later with my youngest baby that stayed behind with me. I drove around an hour and a half, my gas gauge was low, but I was near no station. I was entering the city, when I ran out. Once again, young, ignorant and a dead phone; I panicked. Shortly after I ran out, a kind policeman gave me a gallon of gas to get me on my way. Relieved, I stopped at the nearest gas station, not thinking of any real danger in the middle of the day.

The station had bars over the windows. I got my baby out to pre-pay and walked past two women fighting — I thought, "Yikes!"

I came out and started pumping gas and the next thing I knew a mans arm was rubbing up against mine. Startled, I looked up and he just smiled and said, " You know my son!" I said, "Sorry sir, I do not know your son, I think you have the wrong person."

This guy was a well-dressed man with lots of gold jewelry and driving a new cream and gold Lexus. I don't know who he thought I was, but he was persistent. He rambled some then said, " I know your lost, where are you going?" I quickly said, " Oh no, I am not lost, I am just heading to my folks and I know where they live."

I thought he was going to leave me alone when I got into my vehicle, but when I got on road, he was waiting and got right behind me. I was very cautious so I knew not to go to my parents house and him know where they lived, so I just drove into town around businesses.

Everywhere I went, he was there behind me. I sped up, but he stayed caught up with me. I saw an Auto Zone so without any turn signal or much slowing down, I whipped into the driveway and pulled up by the door (I turned so fast he couldn't turn). I grabbed my baby and ran in, telling them I was being followed. They were going to call the police, but in my panic I just told them to call my family to come and I'd stay there until they came; so they called them.

Note: It would have been better to call the police, that is why people should use good judgment when talking to a scared individual.

My Mom arrived and was going to follow me home, but I spotted the cream Lexus waiting for me. My brother was riding with me now, so I felt a little better now.......I hit the gas and took off until I lost the stalker. Thankfully, I arrived safe and not-so-calm, but relieved to be with my family.


Eight years after my previous incidents, I one more time proved vulnerable and forgetful since it was suppose to be a "QUICK TRIP."

Now newly living in Illinois, in a small town, I had to pick up my little brother (who was living with us at this time). He got off work at the local grocery store at 11 p.m.

I just slipped out with my oldest and youngest daughter and went to get him up the road ( We both left our cells and a few brain cells).

We used common wisdom, parked under the light on the front row parking space.

This man walks out to get in the car beside us and started staring at me with a glare. I immediately felt uncomfortable; so I acted like I didn't notice. He got in his car and leaned over, trying to get my attention. I still played dumb, and asked my daughter what he was doing since she was behind the tinted windows. My daughter said, "Mom, he's leaning over waving his cell phone light at you!" Then I noticed after about 5 minutes of this he was getting out of his car.

I was afraid to leave since he might have followed me.

I watched him with my peripheral vision, then when he couldn't see me -- I watched more intently. My daughter was freaking out so I was preparing for escape. The man went to the back of his vehicle, pulled out a black club and slowly went back to his seat and stuck it beside him. He was watching me the whole time too. I had all I could stand, I gassed the van in reverse and pulled up right next to the front of the store doors.

My little girl in her car-seat was asleep, so I didn't want to leave her. I told my daughter to run into the store for help. When she got out and ran in, the guy took off fast. The managers and my little brother came running out. They called the police, and I had to give a report and description: so they could try to catch him. The manager said, " I wondered about that guy; because he was following a lady customer, like he was stalking her everywhere she went in the store." Needless to say, we were shook up and relieved at the same time.

After a prayer for safety and scolding myself good, we're fine.


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    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      4 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Your welcome Karen. Its amazing what you can do when you are faced head-on to a frightening situation. You feel terrified, but keeping your cool and showing confidence is vital for women when facing stalkers. Thanks for your comment :)

    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      4 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Good thinkin! :) Thanks for the comment!

    • blessedmommy profile image

      Carisa Gourley 

      4 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma

      Creepy stories & Wise advice! I'm bad about letting mine go dead too. I'll try to make it a rule to not let it get under a 50 percent charge from now on.

    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      4 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      You gave us some very wise words JayeWisdom. So glad you're okay and the fact you were prepared. Thanks for your comment :)

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 

      4 years ago from Deep South, USA

      It's wise advice to keep a charged cell phone with you. You had some frightening experiences and are fortunate they ended safely.

      I don't use my cell phone very much, but I do keep it charged since my home phone service is digital and will not work during an electric outage. This happens frequently enough where I live to make a charged cell phone necessary. I also take my cell phone with me any time I leave home. Since I'm an older person with limited mobility, being able to summon help in an emergency might be critical to me.

      I've also learned to put my cell phone in my pocket even when I go outdoors into my back yard ever since I stepped in a small hole, tripped and fell last year. (I didn't have it with me then and getting back inside was difficult.) We never know what emergencies we'll encounter, and a charged cell phone might be the only way to get help.

      Voted Up and Useful



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