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How To Cure Stage 4 Cancer: Adrenaline Connection

Updated on June 14, 2015

Stress and Cancer

Relationship Stress And Cancer

The few doctors and practitioners who have helped literally thousands to recover from stage 4 cancer are worth studying in what they have to say about the cause for cancer and how to treat it. .

In the 70 ties a link between stress and cancer was discovered by German oncologist Dr Hamer. He argued that if you take away stress causing external factors you can have success with even treating the terminally ill. He was fiercely opposed and prosecuted, because of his out of the box ideas and discoveries. From his records it shows that out of the 6500 terminally ill cancer patients he treated, 6000 were still still alive at the time of the prosecutor's investigation.

Relationship Adrenaline and Cancer

Another doctor who sees stress as a main cause for cancer is the German doctor Waltraut Fryda. She discovered that stress loaded lifestyles demand non stop adrenaline production which eventually exhausts the body's ability to produce adrenaline. She found that cancer patients' cells have far too much insulin and sugar. Actually, cancer sufferers have hardly any adrenaline in their cells.which contributes to a disturbance of the interaction between adrenaline and insulin, which in its turn results in an overload of glycogen.

Adrenaline Deficiency and Cancer

And German fysiotherapist by the name of Lothar Hirnheise, who has helped thousands of stage 4 cancer sufferers to recover fully, sees adrenaline deficiency and the body's inability to break down sugar, as the main cause for the growth of cancerous tumors.

According to him it is a genious solution of the body to the problem of sugar overload. He believes that too much sugar is dangerous to the body and therefore the body creates tumors. Tumors do not only burn up sugar they also need increasing amounts of it as they grow so fast. He thinks that in a sense cancer cells function like liver cells and rid the body of poisonous sugar, but in a much faster way than the liver. Without the tumors a person would be really very ill. This is why the body when it gets healthy shrinks the tumors naturally and one should always wait for this to happen instead of operating immediately.

Therefore, in his view cancer isn't the problem, but the solution to the problem.

Cancer starts with stress and for a cell it makes no difference what the reason is. Every cancer patient has a problem with sugar. Insulin transports sugar to cells and amongst other things adrenaline takes it away. Adrenaline is only produced at the beginning of a stressful period and in the long run stress causes adrenaline shortage. The body creates tumors to get rid of the sugar overload.

Lactic Acid: The Cause For Pain In Cancer Patients.

Lactic acid produced by the cancer cells needs to be removed from the body. Due to a lack of oxygen in cancer cells (not at the edge of a tumor but closer to the center where the bloodsupply created by the tumor doesn' reach ) sugar doesn't get broken down completely and is converted into lactic acid. This goes to the liver, where it is converted back to sugar that feeds the cancer cells. This is a vicious circle.

Unfortunately lactic acid isn't considered a problem by most oncologists, but causes a lot of pain like it does after sporting intensively and it will in the end kill you if you don't remove it. If you want to know more on stage 4 cancer,how it relates to adrenaline,and what to do to stop the pain, please read on here: pain cancer inflicts gone


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