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Updated on November 26, 2011

While many theories exist as to the causes of these diseases, none have been medically proven or substantiated.

I became interested in these disorders when my mother was diagnosed with colitis two years ago. I watched this once vivacious and very active 74-year-old, start to decline. Her loss of energy, constant diarrhea, and debilitating nausea inspired me to do some research.

Google became my best friend for months. I read every article I could find and was no better informed than when I started. I was ready to give it up when I stumbled upon a site where many people had posted comments about a diet they discovered in a book. The title of that book is Breaking the Vicious Cycle. I went to Amazon and checked it out. I found nothing but rave reviews.

I knew that I knew  this was her answer. Everything else had failed her. No diet had worked for her and none of her meds helped. I ordered the book and started reading. The more I read, the more I believed and the more hopeful I became.

As a last resort, she decided to try it. I helped her shop and get all the items she needed to get started. Within 7 days, her nausea was gone. In about 10 days her diarrhea was improving greatly. She was starting to feel good again.

I will not try to explain the book in this hub and neither could I promise that it will help everyone that tries it. The book states that it helps 70% of those who stick to it. I am not promoting it as a cure all. However, there is documentation that younger people (I believe it stated 40 years old and younger) have been cured by this diet. My mom, on the other hand, because of her age, will be on it the rest of her life. But to her, it is worth it.

The book tells you what to eat and what not to eat and it explains why. All chron's and colitis patients have one thing in common: an absorption problem and this leads to vitamin deficincies. Foods recommended in the book are easily digestible. No refined sugar or organic sugar of any kind is allowed because they are very hard to digest. The only sugar that is easily digested is monosacharides. They come from fruit - natural sugars that are digested as soon as they are consumed.

I could write a book about this book but that is not feasible. The diet itself is called SCD, Specific Carbohydrate Diet. You can find information by searching for the title of the book or looking for SCD diet.

If this diet helps just one person, then my effort to share this will make it worthwhile. Should you decide to go on this diet, be sure and take vitamin supplements. Good luck and feel free to leave comments - especially if you are on the diet. I would enjoy hearing about your progress.


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