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Updated on January 18, 2010

The day is not complete without sipping a hot coffee. Viewing your favorite show in TV with a cup of coffee in one hand and crackers in another, eases stress from work in the office. Even working late at night, a cup of coffee is the best companion to be awake. Before the confirmation of the health benefits coffee brought to us, it has a bad image of being destructive to health due to its caffeine properties. It took quite a long time before the image was reverse a little from shocking evidence that coffee is rich in anti-oxidant. Continues research were conducted in different levels of studies in some countries and unanimously agreed the presence of anti-oxidant. It was not discovered many decades had passed the importance of this plants to the continues battle against cancer.

Antioxidant is a substance or nutrient in food that can prevent or slow down the oxidation that bring damaged to the body. When the cells utilizes oxygen it produces a free radicals naturally. This free radicals become a threat that damaged other cells in the body. Anti-oxidant was free radical scavengers. It prevents and repair those damaged cells caused by them.

Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee have the same amount of anti-oxidant. It has a group of compound called quinones. It increases insulin sensitivity by improving the responses of the body to insulin. The anti-oxidants called chlorogenic acid and tocopherols are the properties found in coffee and magnesium. Another compound, trigonelline, is the reason why coffee has its aroma and bitter taste. It has anti-bacterial and anti-adhesive properties that help to prevent dental cavities from forming.

Drinking coffee can bring alertness and boost concentration. Children drinking coffee with milk are less likely to have depression. It can cut the risk of type-2 diabetes, risk of colon cancer, Parkinson disease. It helps to manage asthma and control its attack. It can stop a headache. It enhances endurance and sport performance. It stimulates the brain and nervous system to do things the other way to ignore fatigue of the body and recruit extra power on muscles to stand an intense athletic activities. It has direct effect on the muscles producing a stronger contraction.

Drinking coffee in moderation about 4 cups a day is safe for a healthy body. It has beneficial health implication as part of a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Caffeine is also found in tea, cola drinks, energy drinks and chocolate. It can protect aging, gallstones and some form of cancers. This benefits can only be effective by making a most effective dosage. This benefits is the result of the presence of caffeine.

It reduces the risk in the development of debilitating disease of the brain including the nerve system. This disease is the result when the levels of brain chemicals dopamine falls, interrupting nerve signals from the brain muscles. It increases the expression of dopamine receptors in the brain.

A compound called quinones increases the capacity of the liver to use glucose by improving the blood sugar control of a diabetic man. This compound is created during the roosting process of the coffee beans. It was found that it has potential in the control of the development of gallstones in the gall bladder.

It improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. A compound in coffee helps prevent the crystallization of biles as the beginning of the development of gallstones.

But are some of the restrictions? In excess dosage, it can increase the feeling of nervousness, hand trembling and rapid heartbeat. It can raise cholesterol level to some people that may result to clogged arteries. Too much caffeine increases the risk of heart disease for in some people. Coffee drinkers have more stiffness in their major vessels of the body instead of being elastic. Heavy drinkers cause the body to have a sudden reaction to stressful event. The increases of the presence of stress will likely increase the level of blood pressure.

Unfiltered coffee increasex the level of cholesterol that cause heart disease. It can only be corrected by the use of paper filter by removing this particular substance. Too much use can constrict the blood triggering the blood pressure to increase to a higher and risky level. If the caffeine remains in the body for longer period the more it do harm than good. By raising the level of amino acid called homocysteine can harm the arteries where the blood flows. It precipitates heartburn and anxiety. Even drinking decaffeinated coffee is not safe. The lower level of caffeine can still increase the risk of heart disease.


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