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Updated on May 6, 2011

The Past

I cannot remember ,in my youth, being troubled with COLD SORES and if you do not have trouble with them ,then you may think this is a trivial subject, but not to me or my sister in law and countless thousands of others troubled, sometimes to distraction by what the medics term "HERPES"

Now normally in my hubs, I offer, for what it may be worth to others things that I have found helpful along the journey of life. I usually add a ink to a further more detailed help available from another source. Not today! The tables are well and truly turned and I seek your help, dear hubber.I will be brief and come to the point!


We set off tomorrow for our summer in the sun. I look forward to it, with but one reservation. The certainty that within 7 days I will be suffering from a cold sore.

These lip based problems take you over completely and there seems no cure. Or rather seemed not to be, till I found the link below.Now I am seeking any information as to whether this may be the answer to many a prayer, as the Testimonials seem certainly to indicate.

I have used everything on my lips with only limited success. I am again going abroad armed with tubes of Zovirax and Aciclovir 5%cream to put on from landing to departure,.To be fair, they will afford some reasonable relief but will not eradicate the problem.

The Future.

The question I put to you is thus, simple. Have I stumbled across something that is NATURAL TREATMENT as opposed to chemical based application that will deal with the cause and not just the symptom of cold sores? I seek your counsel, especially, if you have used the link below and the treatment indicated there in. Any information on this vexed subject you can throw my way will be gratefully received, researched and utilised to see if I can be rid, once and for all, of this wretched condition.

As I said, brief, to the point, but trust me, important to me!


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