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Updated on June 13, 2011

What is phobia

Phobias are irrational and pathological fear towards something. People suffering from phobias are specific on the object of their fears.

Phobias are clinical disorder that needs treatments. In the internet there numerous lists of phobia and I don’t want to replicate a list, but lather create a bank of definitions of fear over time

Types of phobias

The most common phobia is the arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders. Arachnophobia is also used to describe fears of other arachnids; the biological terminology used to describe the larger groups of spiders and scorpions and therefore arachnophobia is also used for pathological fear of scorpions as well. There is still no evidence as to what causes the fear of spider and scorpions, but it is said to affect women more than men. Arachnophobia or the fear of spiders is also known as arachnephobia

Another common fear is the fear of snakes. Known as the ophidiophobia or ophiophobia . I know that snakes create fears in most of us, but when the fear of snakes is pathological, then it becomes ophiophobia. There are some people who suffer from general fear of reptiles and amphibians; a phobia known as herpetophobia.

The fear of Flying is known as aviatophobia Fear of flying is different from aeronausiphobia; the fear of aero planes

Fear of heights is known as vertigo or altophobia, however fear of looking from high places known as anablepophobia and barophobia is the fear of gravity.

Do you know there people who fear to cross roads even when there is no imminent danger or cars? Fear of crossing roads or streets is known as Agyrophobia or dromophobia and it is different from motorphobia; fear of automobile. There are people who have fear of driving which should not be confused with the above two fears. Do you know that fear of walking is known as basiphobia and dystychiphobia is the fear of accidents?

More Common Phobias

There are people who suffer from fear of different nationalities. The germanophobia is the fear of Germany or its culture and Austrophobia is the fear of Australia or Australians.

Some people suffer from fear of open space commonly known as agoraphobia while some fear confined space or claustrophobia.

Cancer is a killer disease but did you know carcinophobia is a name given to the people who live with fear of cancer?

When I was a child I could not go out alone or allow my bedroom to be left without lights on, I was not alone because many children suffer fromAchluophobia or fear of darkness. It becomes a cause of concern when this becomes pathological and among adults.

There are people who live with fear of germs, commonly known as the germophobia/ germaphobia. Germophobia is part of Mysophobia, describing fear of contamination and other microbes. There was this guy we used to be in school together and he had this habit of washing his hands often. There was this instance when he washed his hands, then turned off the tap, instantly he put on the tap and washed the handle of the tap and then his hands and left the tap running because he did not want to tough the tap’s handle for fear of contamination. That is a severe case of mysophobia

We all fear death but they are people who live with pathological fear of death known as thanatophobia. Human beings are said to be social animals, but they are people who fear people and social occasions. Those who fear people are known as said to suffer from anthropophobia while those who suffer from fear of social occasions and situations are said to suffer from sociophobia.

Do you know people who dread and fear thunderstorms are known as brontophobia. If you suffer from fear of the sea, then you are suffering from thalassophobia and if you know someone who suffers from fear of going to bed that person is said to suffer from clinophobia.

There are many myths especially among Africans on cats, in Mombasa Kenya, cats are mythically believed to be ghosts in Swahili, jinni, this makes most of the people in the city and the Kenyan Coastal towns fear cats. The fear of cats is known asAilurophobia. A black cat is victimized most of the time and is hardly given shelter least of all it turns into a ghost at night.

There is a saying that fear nothing except fear itself. Do you know that there are people with Phobophobia, this is the fear of having a phobia?


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