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CONFIDENT BEAST Program - Build a solid ALPHA appearance with a few steps!

Updated on June 19, 2013

What is Confidence?

Confidence is the ability for a human being to say and do things the way they want to and be thorough and firm about their decision. Confidence is how you look at someone in the eye and talk with complete control over your body language and words. Confidence is when you walk with so much energy and power and knowing where and what you want to do. Confidence is when you talk with so much power and control that people immediately feel the need to listen to you and follow you. Confidence is when you smile with so much mystery that people start wondering what's going on inside your head. Confidence is when you know what you want and how to get it.

Tell me this one thing, Iron Clad. Who are you and what are you doing? You were brought to this world and you were brought up by your parents and when you come of age you learn how to take care of yourself. Why would anyone want to be intimidated by bullies, swag-wussies, people with power and connections? Read on.

Stand with your own damn feet, Son

You are who you are and people around you will and will have to accept it and deal with it. It's not your responsibility to look and behave the way people want. Learn how to stand steadfast on your ground and live your life. There's no easy way to get used to these attributes but I shall introduce you to a simple theory called the CONFIDENT BEAST Program. Follow these steps and practice them and with time, you'll automatically be operating in 'Alpha Mode'.

Step One: The Mental Theater

Yes you heard me, The Mental Theater. Welcome to the movie theater where you watch yourself walk with pride and confidence, surrounded by 4 women all with their faces twisted up with mysterious smiles. Now imagine that, Iron Clad. Yes that was just a warm up. Let's get started now.

Find a place where you won't be disturbed to rest in a comfortable position, either lying down or sitting. Shut your eyes and imagine exactly what I'm about to describe.

In third person, imagine you watching yourself walking down a road towards you. The 'You' that you are seeing is a tall and strong individual. Imagine a mysterious side smile on the 'You' that you are seeing, a smile that says something mysterious about you. This person, aka 'you' is walking with so much energy and power that he demands attention.

The 'You' now walks towards a set of guy friends, imagine a gang of 5 or 6 of them laughing and having a good time near a lamp post. When you approach them, they are suddenly awe-struck with your presence and they greet you with so much love and respect. Shaking hands and patting your back, smiling and laughing all along. You are a confident beast, You look them in their eyes and talk with power and dominance.

This method of visualization is a way to stimulate your brain to believe what you imagine, It sends a message across your brain about how you imagine yourself as. These new qualities get automatically familiarized by the brain with frequent Mental Theater practice everyday. You won't even know it, but with time.. You'll actually start behaving like the 'You' in the movie you just watched.

Step Two: Eye Contact

Eye Contact is a trait mainly considered as confident and powerful. Make eye contact when talking to anyone. Don't look around the room when someones talking to you. Fix your eyes on the person and concentrate on them. This is a trait mainly considered sexy and intimidating by women mostly. In the business world, this is considered as a trait of alpha-ness and dominance.

Alpha Body Language Traits

  • Firm and strong Handshake
  • Slow and non-hurried movements. Chill a bit and thinking about what you are doing now
  • Eye Contact
  • Good Posture
  • Slow and confident walk, Chest puffed out and hands by your side, shoulders pulled back and head up high
  • Invading Personal Space. Move a little closer than the social circle distance when talking to people.
  • Touching. When shaking a man's hand, touch their elbows with your other hand. This is a trait considered 'dominant'. When talking to women, fearlessly break the touch barrier with a simple hip-touch.
  • Strong and audible loud voice. Don't be afraid to talk out loud!

Step Three: Cultivate the mental theater pictures in real life

Practice what you imagined with your own friends, family and acquaintances. All of a sudden, they'll be wondering what the new change is but disregard their questions and exclamations and continue the behavior until you yourself get used to them as well as the people around you. They can only say good things about it. Such as: "Hey have you seen Graham?" "Oh yes I have, Have you noticed that he looks very smart and joyful these days?"

Cultivate these traits in real life and it's only a matter of time when these traits get added to your personality. After all, we are only adding new good qualities! :)

Step Four: Be Fearless to new experiences

Say "Come at me bro!" to all the things you avoided either because you were too afraid to try it or it was considered something out of your comfort zone. Try out new things and gain new experiences! This is a very big ego booster, I'd say. Imagine that you tried out a scary roller coaster ride, One of those most scariest and adrenaline pumping ones you've ever seen. You look at your friends who haven't tried it yet but wants to try it and all you have left to say is "I tried it, And it was amazing. Suck it up and try it, mate!"

Make some memories and experiences you can later cherish in life. Make your own adventures. Have a story or two to tell. This is a major ego booster.


We will be adding further articles on improving your confidence and Alpha-ness in the articles to come. Follow the Confident Beast Program for now and yield all the good results you can.

Keep in mind, Confidence is all YOU, YOU decide how to behave, YOU decide how to talk.

"We are all gonna make it, brah" - Zyzz


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    • IronCladUnit profile image

      Dinuka Jayasuriya 4 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Thank you very much, I'm just getting started with the hubs. Please checkout my hubs to come as well :)

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      I'd like to be the first to say this is an outstanding hub I love the tips you provided.