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Coronavirus Global Brainstormer

Updated on April 6, 2020
David S 5520 profile image

I currently work in the electrical sector in the U.K. I previously did office based work for 30 years.


Millions contributing their brain power to find a solution

COVID 19, the Coronavirus, has spread rapidly around the world since it was first detected in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. It is a deadly disease that, as yet, there is no cure for, and for which no vaccine has yet been developed.

The world's leading biologists, scientists and medical experts are all working flat out to try and develop a virus. Imagine if millions, maybe even tens of millions of us ordinary people could join them in trying to help find a solution that will stop people from becoming ill and dying?

What I am thinking about here is combined human brain power.

A hundred, or a thousand, or ten thousand of the world's leading experts can try to solve a problem, but what if they had the combined brain power of millions, maybe even tens of millions, of us ordinary people joining them in trying to find a solution?

We don't have to be experts on the virus, if millions of us who have internet access go online and learn something about viruses, what they are, how they operate, how a human body develops natural resistance to a virus or disease, e.g. antibodies etc. how this particular virus operates, why it stops people from being able to breathe, why it kills more men than women, etc.

Millions of people working together and sharing their discussions could come up with a solution, many brains working together might produce a fresh insight – you never know, a nine year old girl or boy somewhere in the world who is enthusiastic about biology might see something that nobody else has.

Let's call it the GLOBAL CORONAVIRUS BRAINSTORMER. Let's all get together, start learning, looking up information online and thinking.

Populism has taken the world backwards over the last few years; it has stopped many people from realising the importance of international co-operation and shared effort in this interconnected world and has instead made them look inwards with a narrow-minded nationalism. Well, now we have a golden opportunity to prove the importance of global co-operation between the world's people's.

OK, let's start.

Here are a couple of good sites explaining viruses that don't use too much technical language:

Here are a couple of good sites explaining ways to deal with viruses:

Here is a good site on how the COVID 19 virus originated:

And here is a site that details how COVID 19 attacks the body:

Right, let's all get to work, millions, tens of millions of us around the world, let's use our combined brain power to see if we can spot something that can help the doctors and medical experts. If we all come up with something good, we can pass it on to biological and medical experts to see if it can help them.

One of the first useful tasks we can jointly carry out is for people who are fluent in English and their local language to translate this page, word for word, sentence for sentence, so that people in their country can join in the project.


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