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CPAP Mask Skin Irritation, and other CPAP related issues.

Updated on November 5, 2009

Skin Irritation on CPAP, Pressure Marks and RemZzzs mask liners.

This lens will focus on the topic of CPAP skin irritation and other related issues. CPAP skin irritation is a major contributing factor in low compliance rates among CPAP users. There are many variables involved in the development of skin irritation when using CPAP therapy for Sleep Apnea and this lens will discuss some of the main reasons why this occurs.

CPAP Skin Irritation

Skin Irritation

Many times a large percentage of CPAP users experience some form of skin irritation while on CPAP therapy. The spectrum of irritation runs from a mild rash along the perimeter of the mask skirt to complete breakdown of the skin, especially on the bridge of the nose, leading to an ulcerated condition. The problem that many CPAP users face is related to a cycle that starts with the above mentioned over-tightening of the mask in order to achieve a better fit. When a CPAP user does not achieve a good seal they begin to over-tighten the mask which then results in more abrasion against the skin along the perimeter of the mask skirt. In addition, the build-up of facial oils, dirt and perspiration contribute to an increase in skin irritation. The typical advice given to many CPAP users in this position is to thoroughly wash the mask and the face prior to mask fitting for the night. The problem with this situation is that many CPAP users that are beginning to experience skin rash or irritation will need to use some kind of facial cream to alleviate the irritation, however, the use of cream will contribute to a loss of seal as the mask skirt needs to be free from foreign substances. This cycle can be a slippery slope which leads to abandonment of therapy if there is not an early intervention to prevent the user from ceasing CPAP therapy.

Another related, and more extreme version of skin irritation while using CPAP therapy is related to a dermatological condition that a certain percentage of CPAP users experience. A certain percentage of CPAP users find that they are allergic to the materials in the mask skirt, leading to some form of "dermatitis" which results from contact with the silicone or other materials in the mask skirt. In this scenario, many CPAP users may find that they experience a range of skin breakouts, rashes, ulcerations and what is sometimes referred to as a "burn." For these users, the hunt for a mask that does not cause this kind of reaction is many times an unsuccessful one as the CPAP user finds that they are allergic to most of the mask skirt material compositions on the market. Some CPAP users may find relief with one particular style of mask, only to find that later the new mask eventually causes irritation as well. The prognosis for these individuals is not good if they do not receive the required intervention, as this path tends to lead toward abandonment of therapy.

CPAP Skin Irritation Contributes To Abandonment Of Therapy

Skin irritation and allergic reactions to the material composition of a CPAP mask is a variable in the slide toward abandonment of CPAP therapy.

Pressure Marks

Pressure Marks

Pressure marks are another issue which cause problems for a large percentage of CPAP users. While all CPAP users will most likely experience some form of red markings underneath the straps from their headgear, there are some users which experience an extreme case. Those with an extreme case tend to have red marks that manifest as either deep grooves or raised welts. In addition, the red pressure marks tend to last for many hours after cessation of CPAP therapy from the previous evening. The cause of these pressure marks is usually related to an over-tightening of the mask interface which is a often the result of the user trying to create a better mask seal. Again, this situation should not occur, as noted above, if a CPAP user must over-tighten the straps there is another issue that must be dealt with first. The first place to begin would be with the size and shape of the mask for the particular facial structure, as well as any other pertinent patient education issues.

RemZzzs CPAP mask liners

As you may know, CPAP therapy hasn't always been therapeutic for some people. Fortunately, that was before RemZzzs. You can think of it like this: RemZzzs will help you and your mask become friends. This is possible because our patent pending design acts as a barrier between the skin of your face and the silicone of your mask's cushion, virtually eliminating all of the most common problems associated with wearing a CPAP mask. And best of all, it's very comfortable! But comfort is just the tip of the iceberg. RemZzzs can:

- Greatly reduce or eliminate noisy and annoying air leaks.

- Prevent skin irritations and ugly pressure marks.

- Help absorb facial moisture and oils.

- Assist with comfortably holding your mask in place.

- Allow for the use of bedtime facial products.

- Promote a comfortable, full night of sleep for you and your partner!

CPAP User's Experience with Skin Irritation

Do you experience either skin irritation or allergic reactions while using CPAP?

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Your company is so wonderful and your liners are a GODSEND!! Sandra – A happy customer using RemZzzs

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