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CPR Rescue Turns Tragic

Updated on March 26, 2011

Joyce, Washington. Man dials 911. Wednesday night, around 9:45 p.m.

MAN: My wife just collapsed!

911: Is she breathing? Where are you located?

Man. I dunno. I'm in Joyce on the Olympic Peninsula. (Man glances at his wife). She's not breathing. Hurry, I'll start CPR.

911: Hello? Hello?  (dial tone is heard).

The man, 60, begins to give CPR to his wife, lying prone on the floor. He does the routine, mouth to mouth, pressure in and out. He repeats it several times.

MAN: Oh god, not today! C'mon baby, breath!!!

CPR continues. The man sweats profusely. He pauses, looking at his wife. She still is not breathing. The man seems to be short of breath. He takes several deep breaths to calm down. He knows he is still short of breath. He wipes his brow and looks at his hand.

MAN: Christ! (his hand is very wet) What is going on? He continues with CPR.

He suddenly grabs his left arm, gasps for air. Collapses onto his motionless wife. Minutes go by. Tick tock. The TV is heard in the background. His cell phone rings. A call he will never respond to. A message he will never hear.

Both husband and wife are dead.

Sirens grow louder and then stop. A fire truck arrives. Lots of commotion as voices yell and door is open.

FIREMAN: Hello? Fire department. Where is the emergency? Hello?

The Firemen and Paramedics race in. They examine each body. Both are dead, even though attempts are made to revive them.

The above was a true account that happened last week. It was just a tragic event.


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