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CPR Training Really Can Save Lives: Two Heartwarming Stories

Updated on December 14, 2015

CPR Training Really Can Save Lives: Two Heartwarming Stories

While looking for a touching story to share with you, I came across a story on the American Heart Association blog about Amber Pryor. In 2011, Amber took a CPR recertification course as it was a requirement for her job. Three days later, during her wedding reception, she used her CPR training to save a young boy's life after he fell into a pool.

Reading Amber's story reminded me of an almost identical situation that happened here a couple of years ago. In the spring of 2013, a woman, registered for one of our First Aid/CPR courses. Like most people, she was there because of her job. She worked at a company that had a policy that all of their employees must have current First Aid and CPR training. She was not in my class but in a fellow instructor's class so I never got her name. For the purpose of this article, I'll call her Ann. From what I know, Ann was pleasant, completed the training successfully and left with her new certification. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Two months after taking the training, she was at a family gathering. Everyone at the function was enjoying the beautiful weather, great conversations, swimming in the pool and eating delicious food. Suddenly, without any warning or time to prepare, it happened! A toddler fell into the pool and was face down in the water. Remembering her training, Ann took immediate action. After toddler was pulled from the water, she quickly assessed for breathing and, once she determined that he wasn't breathing, began administering CPR until the paramedics arrived. Through her knowledge and quick actions, Ann saved the little boy's life.

After the incident, Ann called our offices and asked to meet with the instructor to personally thank him for his excellent training. She knew that if she had not taken the course, the outcome that day could have been very different.

CPR Photo

Woman performing CPR on a child. Photo courtesy of
Woman performing CPR on a child. Photo courtesy of | Source

What is CPR

For those who have never taken a course, CPR stands for Cardio Pulumonary Recusitation. When giving CPR to a casualty, you are breathing oxygen into the body and circulating the oxygen rich blood to the tissues and organs. CPR is always done at a ratio of 30 compressions to 2 breaths for adults, children, and infants. The compressions are done hard and fast to keep the oxygenated blood circulating.

There are many similarities in both stories. Both women had recently taken CPR training for their jobs. Both were at social events where CPR and First Aid emergencies were furthest from anyone's mind. Both accidents witnessed similar accidents that happened suddenly and involved young children. When an emergency happened, while everyone else panicked or froze, both ladies were able to react in a quick and efficient manner and used their training to save a young life.

Emergencies are never planned or announced. They can happen anywhere or at anytime. By knowing the skills and staying current with CPR/First Aid training, people, like Amber and Ann, are able to react quickly to life threatening situations and use their training to save lives.

CPR and First Aid skills should be taught by a qualified instructor. To properly learn First Aid and CPR procedures, contact your local First Aid provider to enquire about their courses.


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