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Cylindrical Eye Power - Astigmatism – Get Toric Contact Lenses Correction

Updated on October 10, 2015

Introduction to Toric contact lenses:

I remember those days when I wanted to wear the contact lenses and the eye specialist denied that you cannot wear contact lenses. Few years back it was not possible to correct cylindrical power of eyes with contact lenses. There are two types of powers that affect your eyesight prescription. If you have cylindrical power in you number than it means that you are suffering from astigmatism.

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a defect of eye in which the curvature of the eye cornea is not symmetrical in all directions. The simple soft contact lenses are for spherical power. These contacts are easy to find and fit, in the eyes. But now with the developments in the field, the people who have cylindrical power can also wear contacts.

Cylindrical eye power - astigmatism - get toric contact lenses

Cylindrical eye power - astigmatism - get toric contact lenses
Cylindrical eye power - astigmatism - get toric contact lenses

Fitting Toric Lenses:

The Toric contact lenses are specifically designed for people suffering from astigmatism. These lenses are little bit costly. Different types of contact lenses like daily, biweekly, monthly and yearly disposable are available in market.

The fitting of Toric contact lenses are bit tricky and sometimes you may need to consult specialist to train you to adjust the contact lenses in right position. The cylindrical power means that your eye is not perfectly spherical at some axis it may be little bit more curved than another positions. The Toric contact lenses must fit in right position so that you can get crisp clear images. There is a mechanism in these lenses to keep the lenses in correct position. For example sometimes the lower portion of the contact lenses is made heavier to keep it in right position. At the back of the lenses there are lines that guide you where to put lenses. Sometimes self rotating mechanism is also available in the lenses so that it comes to right position by itself.

Buying/ Purchase Toric Lenses:

Toric lenses nowadays can be bought online also. Several online websites are providing this facility. Hence there is no hassle to find one for you. Just go to the website start searching for toric lenses and you will get lenses for you. A prescription form will pop up; you just fill up your prescription details and make the order for purchase. You will get your toric contact lenses delivered at your door step.

Different color shades are also available in these lenses. If you like to try different looks by adding different eye colors to your eyes, than cylindrical power of astigmatism is not a problem anymore. You can try different shades.

The cost of toric lenses is little bit more than the simple spherical soft lenses. This is due to the precise construction of the contact lenses. I think price is not the matter for those who want to wear contact lenses desperately.


The toric contact lenses are perfect for you if you have cylindrical power or astigmatism. There is no need to wear spectacles anymore because these contact lenses can solve your problem. The permanent eye surgeries are also available nowadays but it is your choice. If you still think that contact lenses can work for you than toric lenses are the solution for astigmatism or cylindrical eye power prescriptions.


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      swetha 3 years ago

      this is very useful for me.bcoz I hav cylindrical power