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Calcium More Than Stronger Bone

Updated on October 17, 2011

Whenever we talk about calcium, it is natural that people will relate: calcium to prevent osteoporosis; calcium can prevent rickets among children. In fact, calcium does not only play an important role in the way our body functions, medical research have found that calcium also offers a lot of health benefits.

Feeling grumpy? Try calcium!

Do you ever think that your emotion can be related to nutrition intake? Experiments have proven that when people are under pressure, excretion of calcium through urination will also increase. Calcium is a natural stabilizer for our nervous system. It can stabilize our emotion and prevent aggressive, destructive behavior.

Lowers blood pressure? Try Calcium

Hypertension is caused by many factors, but studies have found that calcium deficiency can also cause high blood pressure. American scholars conducted a research on more than 1000 hypertension patients and uncovered that calcium intake in their diets were too low, while sodium and salt were on the high sides; after taking calcium tablets, blood pressure of 40% of the patients returned to normal. This is a friendly reminder to hypertensive patients, who face unfavorable result in fighting hypertension, try to consume calcium on a daily basis.

Prevention of allergic colitis

Studies have shown that the incidence of allergic enteritis is closely related to reduction in the number of intestinal bacteria; and calcium is anti-allergic agent, which can enhance the body immunity against a number of specific external allergens, plus, calcium can increase the number of intestinal bacteria and relieve allergic reactions.

Reduce radiation hazards

Cannot avoid the radiation of computers and television sets? Actually, by consuming some mineral we can help our body to have better resistance against radiation hazards. Calcium offers the most obvious efficacy among these minerals, followed by iron and potassium. They can effectively block out absorption of radiation by our intestines, reduce accumulation of radiation by our muscles, while accelerating radiation excretion through urination and feces excretion.

Facts that you need to know

Calcium requirement is particular essential for pregnant women, as well as growing children and adolescents. Calcium intake is already inadequate for those who practicing unhealthy eating habit of not consuming dairy products. Frequent consumption of carbonated drink, tea, coffee will further reduce absorption of calcium, and aggravate the problem of calcium deficiency.

Our body loss calcium every day, but does not replenish it. When we do not replenish enough calcium through our diet, our body will obtain its required calcium from our bones. This will lead to bone loss (osteopenia).

Over-consumption of recommended intake of protein by two times, will lead to 50% loss of calcium through urination. Thus, report shown that daily consumption of 1g of protein will lead to over 1.75mg of calcium loss.

The Myth of Calcium

Calcium supplement are all the same, so we should choose the cheapest?

Calcium carbonate is the most common and inexpensive calcium supplements, but only features a 5% bioavailability. That is if we need to replenish 500mg of calcium, we need to take 20 tablets of 500mg calcium. This will not only become economy burden, but also lead to constipation and lead poison. According to a report by JAMA, many calcium supplements are polluted by lead. A lot of high-risk osteoporosis patients need to consume 1500mg of calcium supplements, which contains 1.77mg of lead. If these lead-polluted calcium supplements are taken daily, in just a year’s time, it can accumulate to toxic level and thus causing more health problems.

The greater the dose of calcium supplements, the more it is worth buying?

Consumption of a lot of calcium at a time will lead to less effective absorption of calcium. In order to improve absorption, it is best to consume calcium in small doses over several times a day.


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    • andrell profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Penang, Malaysia

      thank you very much for the compliment. I will keep sharing more information on health and beauty related topics, hope it benefits everyone!

    • rikabothra profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, this is an amazing hub with some wonderful information. I never knew that calcium had so many other benefits. Great job.


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