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Calming Effect of Beautiful Snow

Updated on June 2, 2014

SNOW - the Beauty of the Beast

I feel sorry for those who live where there is not even one good snowfall per year. This is neither to be disrespectful of the beauty of others' climates nor to suggest that certain ones are superior to others. However, I want to share with you some of the beauty of snow, of this gift from Mother Nature. One hears the news media report about airport delays, school closings, poor highway conditions and the longer daily commute. But the "negative news people" neglect to describe the benefits which are highly aesthetic and spiritual.

A significant snow changes one’s priorities in a good way. Trivial things are put on hold. A Valentine's Day blizzard in the Northeast long ago inspired a sage narrative column from Andy Rooney. As he described his time with the falling snow, he observed that all the people who usually need to go out fussing at night just to pick up some item or other at the store, didn't. Yes, when road conditions become challenging, we are forced into the Zen practice of living in the now. And what a beautiful now it is.

Peaceful Silence

First, picture a snowfall. No gooshing wind or ice pellets - just a blanket (what a comforting analogy) of snow coming to us. The Christmas hymn Silent Night contains a phrase which aptly describes it: Heavenly Peace. A non-windy snow “storm” is so beautifully quiet. While there is so much action for the eyes to take in, paradoxically it is so "soft" on the ears. Furthermore, a snowfall changes the usual outdoors sounds. Everyday scraping, clanging, blaring, scratching noises are transformed into muffled hints. Even comforting, common sounds are magically transformed into special resonances. When I was a young girl, I had the great fortune to live one and a half blocks from a trolley stop. Yes, the Shannon Drake line had its tracks running through a scraggly woods at the bottom of the hill. Of course, we were all familiar with its clak-ed-dee-clak-check-clak either slowing to stop or hastening in tempo until it attained travelling speed. But to hear it in the snow time: bliss! A happy, familiar clatter was muted from brazen brass horn into tender oboe.

Natural Beauty

A snow-draped world is a marvelous, breath-taking treat for the soul. It frosts the trees and places doilies on bushes. Windows receive intricate etchings of frost. Roofs grow icicle teeth. But, besides transforming the banal into white-veiled wonders, snow partners with light to re-create new vistas. Whether it is from sun or from one’s nightly-lit lamppost in the yard, the light energy bounces and sparkles on the snow, scattering like gems. Snow is like a prism scattering light into the rainbow of hues. Bonus: there is no admission price for the display.

Symbolic Color White

In many traditions and religions, the color white represents goodness and purity. In the study of human auras,the color represents the Divine. This is connected to one's spiritual path and connection to the universe. In Black Hat-style Feng Shui, white is the color associated with creativity and children. Also, in our American culture – white or off-white is often the color of a blank piece of paper. A white paper is full of opportunity. It is the Tabula Rasa, the clean slate, the opportunity to go in any direction, to create.

If these aspects of snow are ones you have missed, the next time you can be in a snowfall, perhaps you can now enjoy the beauty it has to offer. I hope you will see it with appreciative eyes.

Photo by Dan Glass.
Photo by Dan Glass.

Maren Morgan M-T grew up near Lake Erie and its "lake effect" snows. She also has enjoyed many storms with significant snow accumulation including one which dropped 37 inches of snow in one 24-hour period.

Snow Treasure

Copyright 2008 Maren Morgan


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    • Maren Morgan M-T profile imageAUTHOR

      Maren Elizabeth Morgan 

      11 years ago from Pennsylvania

      When provisions are plentiful and all are safely at their destinations - absolutely: let it snow!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Awesome! Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! (I think there's a song by that name).


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