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Calorie Shifting for Long Lasting Weight Loss

Updated on May 4, 2011

Human body has a strategic view concerning preserving energy (The first thing it does to metabolized carbohydrates is to fill the stores of glycogen in muscle and liver). Once it feels any threats to its stock energy (fat stores), it starts to slow down its metabolism to preserve its strategic energy store. Feeling stability about regular supply of energy, it tries to burn the supplied energy.

It kept that strategy since hunting, fishing, and living in cold caves, and nobody has told it that we live a sedentary life in heated places, and that we move in cars. We do not need its idiot ideas about storing fat now, we suffer from their impact.

Calorie Shifting is a Subtle Way to Lose Weight

Humans used to naively deal with calories by just reducing them to lose weight, and the body responded by fixing its metabolism at a low speed (plateau experienced with most diets).

Calorie shifting is a subtle idea to play around the body strategy to store fat.

How Calorie Shifting Reduces Weight

Types of eaten food control the different varieties of hormones released after eating (the fat storing hormones and the fat burning hormones).

Calorie shifting manipulates these hormones so that, the body produces greater amounts of fat burning hormones, and lesser amounts of fat building hormones after each meal.

The body takes sometimes to feel the change in energy supply, and shifting types of food, number of calories, and increasing number of meals, confuses the body to start burning fat.

It acts like a spring which is pressed down and then released. Type of calories (carb calories or protein calories) is changed daily, and number of calories is changed over sets of days, and the net result is that metabolism is confused to neither falls in rut (plateau), nor feels complacent to store fat. 

Calorie Shifting Diets

While some implement the idea of calorie shifting in a simple yet harsh way like, QOD (every other day) where you eat 300-400 calories per day then you are set free the next day, or Johnson Diet you eat 20-35% of your normal calorie intake and the next day you eat well.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots :

It is the first diet plan that implement the idea. It is more sophisticated than the -simple spring- type diets.

You are on a plan for 11 days and completely free for 3 days (where you can get some of the lost weight), then 11 days of the planned diet followed by 3 free days. You will keep with this pattern until you get rid of the excess fat and extra weight.

The program includes a menu generator that produces a personal menu for each user. You type in the food you prefer and the generator takes that in its account, so you end up eating the way you like.

The calorie intake reduction is not that great and food groups (carb, protein or fat) elimination is a big no-no in the plan. You will need to walk frequently to boost release of fat burning hormones.

The program includes a guide to help explain the topics of the plan, it includes :
- Manipulating calories
- Eating 4 meals every day
- Making meals at home
- Eating plainly (without unnecessary additives)
- Rotating foods
- Stopping eating in the right time
- Drinking water
- Walking
- Avoidance of fat-free foods


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