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Calories Burned During Hot Yoga - Calculate with Average Heart Rate

Updated on April 12, 2012

Tools to Calculate Calories Burned During Hot Yoga

After 2 years of practice I decided to bring my heart rate monitor to class and find out how many calories I burned for my body type and experience level. My heart rates and calories burned vary differently depending on how hot the class is and the intensity of the class. I used my Garmin hear rate monitor with my GPS watch the compare the calories burned using the Garmin calculator and also calorie calculators which use heart rate as a data field to determine your estimated calories burned. I found the Garmin watch was not as accurate as I hoped for the calorie calorie calculator as the online links were.

If you don't know your average heart rate and want to calculate your calories burned based on your weight and the length of the class, use this CALORIES BURNED CALCULATOR. My particular practice was not a typical 'bikram yoga class' so from the selections I was not able to get my exact calories burned as I could with the other calculator.

During a 60 minute hot class I hit my max heart rate at 185 and my average at 135 according to the monitor. I entered my data in the link to the left to get my calories burned. I have read in other places online that you can burn 600 calories an hour during Bikram Yoga. However, all studios and classes are different. Your body type, effort, and yoga style play a huge part in how many you may burn. Your instructor's style and the temperature of the room also factor into your experience.

At about 5' 2" and about 127 lbs, I burned less calories. According to the calculator I only burned an estimated 496 calories.

The disadvantage of using the Garmin GPS watch was that the watch lost connection with the heart rate piece during certain poses where my chest was against the floor. Also, taking additional equipment into the yoga room can be a distraction.

60 Minute Hot Class (98.6+ deg, 60% humidity)

Moderate Intensity Class (90-100 deg, 50-60% humidity)

Balance our your class schedule if your goal is weight loss

As you can see in the above picture, my heart rate only hit a max of 165 during a moderate intensity class that combined 30 minutes of core work, 30 minutes of a hot yoga flow and 30 minutes of a vinyasa yoga flow. My calories burned per hour was significantly less so I took a longer class. With an average of 115 bpm,

If your goal is weight loss and you practice at a studio that offers multiple class formats at different temperate and intensity levels, balance out your class schedule. Knowing how many calories you burn during each class type and your average heart rate can help you focus your training. As always, don't push yourself beyond your limits.

Yoga is a great way to strengthen, become more flexible and burn calories all at the same time. If you take up yoga only to lose weight, you will soon discover many of the other benefits you experience from increased flexibility and a connection with yourself.


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