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Can Babies Use Aromatherapy?

Updated on December 25, 2015

Can Babies Use Aromatherapy?

For years, aromatherapy has been used to help treat both the mind and body. Today there are more and more people who are beginning to realize how wonderful and effective the use of aromatherapy can really be. Although many people think of various ways that aromatherapy can be used for adults, you may be wondering if you can use aromatherapy on babies. In answer to the question - yes, you can use aromatherapy on babies. However, you must remember that just as with any other type of treatment, you'll find that it has to be done a bit differently for a baby than for an adult. There are definitely some things to keep in mind when you are trying to use aromatherapy on your baby. Although it is an excellent option that is medication free, there are some things you'll need to keep in mind.

Remember the Smaller Size of Babies When Choosing Aromatherapy

If you are going to use aromatherapy on your baby, it is very important to remember their smaller size. They are much smaller than adults and this means that the dosage sizes of aromatherapy should be different. The last thing you are going to want to do is to give your child too much aromatherapy. A baby will not need the full amount that you would use as an adult and too much could cause a problem, so make sure you keep this in mind. Also, you may want to talk to an aromatherapist about special treatments and products that may work best for babies.

Better Than Medications

Of course there is definitely a great benefit to using aromatherapy on your baby - the fact that you don't have to use medication. Aromatherapy can be used to treat a variety of different physical problems and it's definitely a better idea to use a natural treatment for illness, such as aromatherapy, then to have to use medications on your little baby. There are many medications out there that can cause negative side effects and some medications can actually lead to disease that can turn up when they get older. So, you'll find that using aromatherapy correctly for your baby is definitely a much better option than using a variety of medications on your baby.

Natural vs. Synthetic Oils

When you are looking for aromatherapy oils, you'll find that there are two different types available. You can find natural oils for aromatherapy or synthetic oils. Usually you'll find that the synthetic oils are a whole lot cheaper than the natural oils; however, they are definitely not a great choice for use on a baby. Most people don't actually realize that there is a difference. It's important that you realize that synthetic oils are actually man made and the natural oils actually come from plants. Unfortunately the synthetic oils can cause some reactions and this is definitely something that you won't want to occur when you are using aromatherapy on your baby. So, even though you'll pay a bit more, make sure that you use natural aromatherapy oils to keep your baby safe.

Four Ways You Can Use Aromatherapy For Your Baby

There are a variety of different ways that you can use aromatherapy for your baby. If you need some good ideas, here are a few to get you started.

- Way #1 - Take about ten drops of an appropriate essential oil and put it in a bottle of water that has been distilled. Once it is nice and diluted, then spray the mist from the bottle around your baby's nursery.

- Way #2 - Consider using a few drops of the essential oils in a vaporizer or a diffuser to help spread the smell to your baby. Some of the best oils to try include chamomile, lavender, orange, vanilla, and geranium.

- Way #3 - These essential aromatherapy oils can also be used for massage, although they have to be mixed in a carrier oil, such as almond oil. Some of the best options for these massage oils include chamomile, mandarin, and tangerine.

- Way #4 - Adding a few drops of essential oils to your baby's bath is a wonderful way to use aromatherapy. Go with a soothing oil, such as lavender, to help your baby relax so they will go to sleep.

Special Safety Measures When Using Aromatherapy On Babies

While you can use aromatherapy on babies, there are some safety measures that you need to keep in mind. You want to make sure that you use aromatherapy safely so make sure that you follow these guidelines to keep your baby safe.

- Guideline #1 - Make sure that you only use aromatherapy on babies that are older than 3 months old. Using aromatherapy on babies that are younger can be a problem. Babies that are less than three months old have skin and nasal tissues that are very sensitive and they can be irritated very easily.

- Guideline #2 - Always ensure that you are very careful with the oils that you are using. The undiluted oil should never touch the skin of your baby. If it does it could cause very bad irritation.

- Guideline #3 - It's important that you talk to a professional before you begin to use aromatherapy on your baby. Make sure that you find out which oils are going to be the best choices for babies.

- Guideline #4 - Make sure that you only go with oils that are very gentle. Also, find out if there are any effects that could occur before you use a new oil. If you notice that your baby cries a lot, has runny eyes, or begins to sneeze, you should stop using the new essential oil right away.

Aromatherapy and Baby Feedback

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