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Can Bad Breath Cause White Bumps in Your Throat?

Updated on July 8, 2011
White bumps like this in your throat?
White bumps like this in your throat?

Many people with bad breath have also noticed that they have white bumps in the back of their throats. In this article you are going to find out if bad breath can cause these bumps to appear or if there is another reason why these bumps appear.

The first thought many with bad breath have when they see these bumps, is that the bad breath must be causing them to appear. The bacteria on the tongue and in the mouth must have spread further back and gotten root and are now growing and growing. That thought is not completely wrong since these bumps are full of bacteria, viruses and other dead cells as well as chemicals and toxins.

However, instead of your bad breath causing these bumps to appear, it's the other way around. These bumps is actually the major cause why you have bad breath. If you are able to get one of these bumps out from your throat and dare to smell one of them, you will know what I'm talking about. They are made up of your own waste material that has begun to decompose and rot.

This smell will make people run away as soon as they see you, that is how awful the smell that is produced by these white blobs.

They are populary called tonsil stones because they look like stones and are located in the tonsils. It is in fact your tonsils that produce these bumps, and the tonsils get the material that make up these bumps from the lymph fluid. So this is actually waste that keeps circulating in your own body and that the tonsils have filtered out.

This means that bad breath is a very complex issue that cannot be narrowed down to just your mouth but its cause lies in your own lifestyle. Something in your life, makes the lymph fluid to be full of waste material which then creates these bumps which eventually cause you to have bad breath. It might be a bit difficult to accept at first, but the thing is that everything we do affects our entire body, not just one part. Your body is full of connections, one cell is connected to millions of cells. This means that if something happens to a part of our body, the effect can show up elsewhere.

This is the deal with these white bumps. The cause is located elsewhere in the body, but the effect shows up in your mouth as bad breath.

Many people have tried to remove their tonsils because they thought that they were not functioning as they should. What they didn't know was that they just removed a very important filtering mechanism and that the symptoms will start to appear elsewhere because the root cause has not been dealt with.

And the root cause is that the lymph fluid is dirty and it is dirty because of your current lifestyle. The major causes for your lymph fluid to become full of waste is the following:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Poor quality food
  • Low quality diary products
  • Allergies
  • Stress

All of the above and more that I haven't listed will cause your lymph fluid to become dirty. And if you want a fresh breath again, you will have to remove the root cause, which is how the lymph fluid in the mouth and head area can be so full of waste. If you are interested in knowing more about this then read the following page which called cause for tonsil stones.


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      7 years ago

      Try this as it helped me, I had faecal breath odour for YEARS, never had a girlfriend till now. Talked to many doctors who took my money then showed me the door....I finally had a friend who used to suffers bad breath, tell me about an eBook he bought 5 or 6 months ago he ask me how his breath smelt and I didn’t smell a thing. He said the eBook amongst much else had him stop eating dairy food/ soft drinks and coffee/tea. It covers every possible cause and provides the cure for each cause. So I’m like reading it and doing all the stuff it says to do. Thinking this has to be bull. But after a few days my tongue started turning red and felt nice. I worked up the courage to ask a friend how my breath smelt and he’s like I don’t smell anything. Now I’m thinking all those years of humiliation and I could have solved it ffs! There’s a site about it called Oraltech Labs. Just google it. Anyway hope this works for you too. Sufferer no more!


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