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Can Body Shapers Really Help Me Lose Weight Or Is It Just a Gimmick

Updated on December 9, 2010

Have You Been Looking For a Great Body Shaper Lately?

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Body Shapers For Weight Loss- Really?

All around the world, men and women, especially, are looking for ways to lose weight, get fit, and feel good about themselves. Studies show that 9 out of 10 women don't like the way that they look or feel. Even those who appear elegant to the eye are looking for something more than just a great body; they want to feel good and look good in their skin.

Recently, I came across body shapers. And since I am in the business of helping people from all walks of life lose weight, I wanted to know if these so called body shapers helped people lose weight or if it was all just a gimmick to make money.

Most women and men are not happy with their stomach area of all places. Men are more concerned about getting rid of their love handles, while women, on the other hand, want to know the secret to getting an hourglass figure again. Both aspirations are valid and can be achieved, but how?

In my quest to find out the TRUTH, there is a body shaper on the market that really works. To my surprise, this body shaper has not only changed the way a woman looks in about 10 minutes or less, but has also helped them over time, lose in excess of 10-30 or more pounds in a single month. Keep reading, as I will explain to you what a TRUE body shaper is supposed to do.

The Function of a True Body Reshaper

Unlike spanx or other garments that are supposed to help a womens body shape up, true body shaper are supposed to support your lower back while correcting your posture. Most body shapers on the market don't do this for you. Also, true shapers should allow you bend and twist without it rolling down on you.

The most important function of a shaper should be short and long term weight loss. That's what piqued my interest when I ran into one called Body Magic. Made by an orthopedic, this particular garment helps shape your body in about 10 minutes flat. Not only that, it actually attacks your adipose tissue or bad fat that is stored in your body. This type of fat is also called "brown fat", and is the worst type that can be found in your body.

The garment actually helps flush the bad fat out of your body through the lymphatic system. Although adipose tissue is made up of mostly 10-15% water weight, it become an easy flush. Another beneficial trait of the garment is it's ability to align your spine, restructure internal organs, and correct your posture.

Once the garment is on your body, it helps to push your fat cells toward the middle of your body where most of your heat is stored, which then flushes it out through the lymphatic system.

Have you been lacking energy lately? Well, this shaper also helps to correct your posture, which helps to raise your energy levels rapidly. As we go about our day, gravity is constantly pushing us down, especially our posture. When you are able to correct your posture, you can instantly beat gravity, lower back pain, and low levels of energy.

This is by far been one of the best discoveries I have come across yet. Do yourself a favor and check out the body magic. It can and will change your life. My wife and I are living proof. There are body shaping garments for the women as well as the men that can help you lose weight and feel better in your skin.


For more information about Body Magic,

Give us a call anytime,

Ontarian or Renea Hawkins


Promise House LLC- Your Health & Wellness Reshaping Experts

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Body Shaper Testimonial Video


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    • profile image

      curious girl 

      2 years ago

      What's with all of the slashes through the words?

    • profile image

      valerie lathan 

      6 years ago

      yeah right!!!!


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