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How You Can Reduce your Cancer Risk.

Updated on December 23, 2016
Typical Lung cancer
Typical Lung cancer

Can you prevent Cancer in your Bodies?

Cancer is a broad term given to a group of over 252 diseases that include lung cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer etc. The incidence of cancer has increased at an alarming rate over the past century from a mild 1 in 100 people in the early 1900's to an incredible 1 in 3 in today's times. What has produced such an incredible climb in the cancer rates.

When you look at the big question of whether you are able to prevent cancer or at least reduce your risk of ever contracting cancer, it is necessary to look at what causes cancer - the million dollar question.

Apart from the huge increases in cancer cases, other diseases are rapidly increasing as well despite the fact that modern medicine has improved in leaps and bounds. Perhaps modern medicine has not been able to progress as fast as the other ills of modern society that produces a toxin overload on your system that slowly but surely deteriorates your health.

The air that we breathe, the food that we eat, and even the beverages that we consume, are all laden with toxins that slowly poison your system and cause your system to malfunction, allowing free radicals to go to town on your body. These toxins are often stored in the fatty tissue of your body and are eliminated at a slower rate than that at which they are accumulating, resulting in a lowered metabolism and immune system which then allows dangerous cancerous cells to breed unchallenged by the natural immune system which should normally keep them in check and prevent the cells from multiplying.

One of the biggest fights against modern cancer treatment involving chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is that these all lower your immune system drastically which then prevents your immune system from fighting the cancer. Long term survival for cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments are often stated as being around a mere 3%, whilst some alternative treatments which concentrate on boosting the immune system claim to have a survival rate in excess of 95%.

Cancer will never ever be totally eradicated, but you are able to reduce your risk of contracting cancer substantially by following a few simple guidelines.

Drink Water to reduce Cancer Risk

Water is full of wonderful qualities which are often neglected. With the huge variety of tempting and tasty beverages available in today's times, many people simply neglect to ever drink any pure water.

Water is crucial to body cleansing, not only externally, but internally as well. Water flushes toxins from your body through the sweat pores and through urination. Water also acts a carrier of nutrition through your body and enables your body to work at optimum levels.

Water helps to keep your metabolism at a high and weight loss is increased by as much as 30% when a good water consumption plan is introduced to any diet. Please note that water refers to pure water and not to other beverages which are sugar and caffeine laden. I do not think that you would ever dream of bathing yourself in a bathtub of sugar laden coffee and then hope to come out feeling clean.

To determine how much water you should drink daily, take your weight in pounds divided by two, which then equals the amount of flowing ounces you should drink daily.

Merely drinking sufficient pure water daily will drastically decrease the amount of toxins in your body.

Avoid the Following to Reduce Cancer.

I am not here to preach to you about how you should live, but if you wish to reduce your risk of cancer then try to avoid the following.

1) Smoking. Cigarette smoke is a killer. Cigarette'scontain up to 80 different carcogenic substances. Lung Cancer is one of the most common cancers and is the worst to treat. Quit smoking now.

2) Known Carcinogens. Avoid products that contain known carcinogens. A carcinogen is a substance that triggers cancer growth. One of the most common of these is artificial sweeteners. There are far better alternatives available for you to lose weight than using artificial sweeteners in your tea, coffee and beverages.

3) Eat heathy foods. Eating a good amount of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, preferably organic, while decreasing your red meat intake will go a long way to helping to improve your overall health and to build up your immune system.

Eating fast foods will not only aid you to get fat faster, but they also tend to reduce colon function, increase cholesterol and decrease immune system function.

4) Detox regularly. A regular detox helps to improve your immune system, leaving your immune system free to fight against harmful diseases such as cancer cells, instead of being bogged down by toxin overloads.

It is said that up to 25% of our immune system lies in the colon and so a healthy colon with regular bowel movements goes a long way to improve your health. When your colon is in top shape you will notice that your natural resistance to even the common cold and flu is just so much higher and you will seldom get sick.

It is quite common knowledge that the most common cancers, apart from lung cancer, are cancers that are centered around the colon area. In men this is prostrate cancer and in women it is cervical cancer. It is highly probable that these cancers can be activated from toxins absorbed by the colon as a result of irregular bowel movements causing toxin build up in these area's.

5) Sweating is good. A good and regular workout that causes a good sweat is very healthy and aids in toxin removal as well as improves overall health. One of the best ways to counteract weight gain and increase your metabolic rate is through good exercise.

Anti perspirant deodorants are a no no as these effectively block the sweat pores in the underarm area, preventing sweat from escaping. This also prevents the underarm area from removing toxins and as a result these toxins are trapped in the breast area. Breast Cancer!

While risk of contracting some form of cancer can never be eliminated totally, by simply following the guidelines above you will drastically be reducing your risk of contracting cancer - a disease that no one in their right minds would ever wish on even their worst enemy.


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    • John foster profile image

      John foster 6 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks hubpageswriter1, had a look at your recipes. There are some really great ones there - well done.

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      hubpageswriter1 6 years ago

      Great hubpage John foster, really interesting read and very useful at the same time. I can definitely see why your diet can make a difference and eating fruit and vegetables is always going to be a good thing for you to do for your body. I always find the best way to consume fruit and vegetables daily is to drink a fruit smoothie every day. I Don't know if you would be interested in this but I actually got a fruit smoothie recipe hubpage here is the URL if you would like to take a look

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      Anyway thanks for sharing all john foster