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Can Carbs Cause Lung Cancer?

Updated on March 16, 2016

I love carbs. Who doesn't? Most people devour on pasta, rice, sugars almost everyday. But did you know that these foods might cause lung cancer? The MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas did a study about how carbohydrates are linked to lung cancer. Dr. Oz is sounding the alarm on how foods with high glycemic index can lead to death. His guests were Michael Pollak MD and the author of Eat Fat Get Thin Mark Hyman.

According to the study, those people who eat foods that have high glycemic index are twice as likely to get lung cancer. Michale Pollak explains that carbohydrates are fuels for cells to live on. Some hormones have something to do with the formation of cancer. An example of this is estrogen which can develop breast cancer. The other one is androgen, which is a male hormone can lead to prostate cancer. The most important hormone of all is insulin. This is famous in the context of diabetes and obesity. Pollak said that too much insulin can lead to the development of certain cancers. Some cells such as fat cells, they store the energy in our bodies that morph into obesity. When these cancer cells see too much insulin, they take that as a signal to grow. Pollak warned that when you eat in a certain way that tends to raise insulin levels too much, you create in your body an environment that cancer loves.

We have been talking about foods that have a high glycemic index. According to Hyman, foods that have high glycemic index raise blood sugar. These foods are sugar, rice, potato, flour, and soda. Some fruits have high glycemic index and therefore we should eat sparingly. These fruits are grapes and banana. Foods that have low glycemic index are kiwi, grapefruit, and strawberries. Foods that have high glycemic index pour insulin onto the body and they attract cancer cells. These cancer cells stick together and the hormones turn cancer cells on.

According to Hyman, we can avoid getting lung cancer by swapping foods with high glycemic index for healthier alternatives. Hyman mentioned that we should eat more fiber. Fiber slows absorption of insulin. This is one way to improve one's diet because you enjoy the benefits right away. One helpful tip that Hyman gave was to swap out white foods for healthy grains such as lentils and quinoa. Instead of eating white pasta that we usually order in restaurants and buy in grocery stores, Hyman said that we can eat shiritake noodles, zucchini swirls, and spaghetti squash. The most important tip of all is to eat more ACE foods. These foods are rich in vitamins A, C, and E. They help reduce cancer. These can be found in spinach, carrots, bell peppers, avocados, and asparagus.

Dr. Oz cautioned the viewers that eliminating carbohydrates from our diet can lead to hazardous results such as constipation. People who eat a low carb diet usually suffer from constipation. According to Dr. Oz, carbohydrates are like a sponge. They pull water in and they moisten the bowel. The fruits and vegetables that we eat are like brooms that sweep right into our body. If we drink plenty of water, it lubricates the bowels.

To avoid constipation, Dr. Oz shared these tips to the viewers. Eat more fiber such as pears. Pears have more fiber than any other fruit. Another tip is to eat a more cruciferous diet which are filled with green leafy vegetables. Another important tip is to eat magnesium once a day. Magnesium can help relax intestinal muscles. Magnesium can be found in spinach, avocado, and beans. The next tip is good news for coffee lovers. Caffeine in coffee can stimulate your bowels. Dr. Oz mentioned that when you feel the urge to go, don't hold it. You have to flush it all out to prevent constipation. One last tip is from a traditional Chinese practice. Lie on your back and rub your tummy in a circular motion. This would heal the stomach and helps you with your bowel movement.

With these findings, we have to be more health conscious to prevent the spread of cancer in our bodies. We need carbohydrates. But we should be more discerning of what foods to eat to accommodate a healthy lifestyle.


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