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Can Drinking Alcohol Cut Your Life Short

Updated on August 12, 2013

Here is the big question. "Can drinking alcohol cut your life short?" My answer through my experiences of drinking alcohol would be a huge Yes! It will get you in the end whether you think it will or not.

You must be stronger than your addiction and not let it take over your life or else you are doomed said to say.

When we get tied up in the never ending cycle of drinking alcohol we never think of the outcome and the destruction alcohol can do to us. At least in the beginning of my drinking days it never crossed my mind, but in the end stages before I surrender to my addiction to alcohol I did realize that this addiction will indeed kill you and everything around you including your family and friends.

We all grow up and as we are growing we all want the best for us and our families, but for some reason many of us just take the wrong road and we wind up in the mist of addiction.

We don't do this to hurt ourselves or anyone else. The alcohol that we started to use as a fun thing or a stress release starts to get comfortable in our bodies and we begin to like the way alcohol makes us feel so we go about drinking it more and more each day and before you know it, we are addicted to it and can't go a day without it. It is now our crutch and our life as we know it.

It sneaks up on us slow but sure and then when the time is right if there is ever the right time it grabs us and takes us down and sometimes so far down that we hit rock bottom.

Will Alcohol Cut Your Life Short ?

You bet alcohol will cut your life short. Maybe not right away, but over time this addiction to alcohol will sooner or later catch up with us and have a horrible effect on our health, our minds and the way we begin to look appearance wise. Either gaining weight or losing weight depending on your body and how far your addiction is in your life.

I'm sure many of us that are addicted to alcohol or drugs for that matter have looked into a mirror and saw a somewhat different person staring back at them. Do you like what you see? Of course not, but do you do anything to change what you are and what you are beginning to be?

Alcohol will cut your life short one day and that day you will never know. It will just come whether it be your health, a car accident or anything that will change the course of your life and many others that love and care about you.

This may bother some of us and then there are those that just don't care what they look like knowing that their alcohol addiction is changing their lives inside and out, and they still don't do anything to change their life around. Sometime it takes a horrible thing to happen in order for someone to start thinking of a change in their habits and lifestyle.

Don't let this horrible thing happen to you and when you look into that mirror and don't like what you see, do something about it and do it fast before it is too late.

Life is a precious thing and by abusing it with an avoidable addiction is like having a death wish on your own self.

Take a good look in that mirror and take a good look at your life as you are living it now. See what you can do to improve your life, like quitting drinking alcohol or using your drug of choice.

Look at who else in your life you are effecting by being addicted to alcohol. You have the power inside of you to surrender. Be stronger than your addiction and surrender. You don't need this crap even though you may think so.

Anything is possible in anyone's life if you give it your all to make it happen and that includes quitting drinking or using drugs. Stand up for yourself. Love yourself enough to get rid of your addiction once and for all. Life can be lived very nicely without your crutch, believe me I have went through it and finally realized you really don't need alcohol or drugs to have a wonderful life, and i say this because I once thought that you had to be buzzed, drunk or high to have fun and enjoy your life. Wow, was I ever wrong and so are you.

Make that change in your life. You will never be sorry you did and your body will start to heal it self and thank you for giving it a second chance at life, a real healthy and honest life.


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Denise, It is always a pleasure hearing from you. Thank you for your comment and we seem to keep missing each other in the forum. I think sometimes readers may get sick and tired of my writing on alcohol addiction. I hope not, I hope one hub will hit home for someone and it will be an eye opener.

      Thanks for being there:)

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi Marky-as a nurse I wish I could tell you how many patients I saw whose health was torn down my alcohol use. Thanks for writing on such an important issue and congrats-#26 and going strong! I am on #9 and two behind!

    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      Sadly, I have known several people whose lives were cut short by drinking. A worthwhile hub.