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Can Exercise Make You Happier

Updated on March 6, 2014

A healthy body is a happy mind

  1. Being healthy allows you to do more of the things you enjoy most. It allows you to live a carefree lifestyle and enjoy yourself more.
  2. Check out this Harvard study on the link between happiness and health:
  3. Exercise physically and biologically leads to a happier mind and a more responsive body.
  4. Stress is one of the highest causes of unhappiness and poor health leads to more and more stress.

Below we have outlined our take on the link between exercise and being happy.


Can Exercise Make You Happier?

The answer is yes; the strong link between exercise and happiness is not only a myth to get people moving. When individuals work out and stay active on a regular basis, they are less stressed out, less anxious, and overall happier.

Research studies have found many reasons to support why there is such a significant correlation between exercise and happiness. Here are the top seven reasons why increasing exercise also creates a more positive mood.

Exercising not only helps your body but it also increases your mental strength and allows you to live a more happier lifestyle.

How Do You Cope

What is your favorite exercise when feeling down?

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Exercise causes dopamine to release in the brain

For those who are not aware, dopamine is often considered the “happy chemical” of the brain. It is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for creating feelings of pleasure, as well as happiness.

Unfortunately, scientists have found that dopamine levels steadily decline as people age. Therefore, it is necessary to seek out other ways to release dopamine in the brain and increase the brain’s production of the precious chemical.

Physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, is one of the leading releasers of dopamine.

Resources On Workout Supplements and Nutrition

Exercise reduces stress levels

When people exercise, they are actually subjecting themselves to low levels of stress by increasing the heart rate and triggering the release of several hormones.

Since individuals who regularly exercise begin to build up an immunity to stress, they are better at coping with stressors they encounter in their daily lives.

In other words, exercise helps people become less likely to be stressed out in the long run, thus creating a happier life.

A Few Exercises to Get You Started

Pull Ups
Jump Rope
Weight Lifting
Up Hill Running

A Quick Beginners Guide to Working Out

Exercise results in boosts of energy

Studies have proven that exercise has more of an effect on increasing energy levels than stimulant drugs do. Although it may seem counterintuitive, engaging in a tough workout can increase the amount of energy coursing through the body and win the battle against fatigue.

Therefore, individuals should always force themselves to fit exercise into their busy schedules, no matter how tired they may feel. Once they have a renewed source of energy, they can participate in exciting activities they like to do with their family or friends; thus, they become more content with their life.

Exercise Eases Symptoms of Depression

With a whopping one in every ten adults suffering from depression, it is becoming increasingly crucial to find ways to combat the disorder. Prescription medications can help treat depression, and in some severe cases may be necessary.

However, for many people, exercising can mimic the same effects as these drugs. Individuals that exercise regularly can testament to the fact that days without some form of exercise usually make them feel down. Since exercise releases dopamine just like antidepressants do, it can help keep those blues away.

Exercise leads to improved sleeping habits

Individuals that suffer insomnia and other sleeping troubles may not be getting enough exercise. They simply are not moving around enough during their day to tire themselves out properly.

Research has found that staying active on a routine basis is a tremendous treatment option for insomniacs.

In addition, the quality of the person’s sleep improves drastically by decreasing the number of times they wake up during the night and allowing a deeper sleep state. Everyone is aware of how a lack of sleep can affect the body in a number of terrible ways; so, having the right amount of sleep will greatly improve happiness and overall quality of life.

Check out these sleep aids and talk to a doctor if you are having serious trouble sleeping.

Exercise Dramatically Increases Self-esteem and Confidence

Not only does exercise increase overall health, it also changes the individual’s appearance. Often, people become depressed because they are unhappy with how they look, have trouble fitting into clothes they once did, or are upset about their weight. Exercise takes away all of these issues by helping them achieve the appearance they desire, while increasing their strength and losing excess weight.

People who exercise are more independent and have higher goals for themselves due to high levels of confidence. A stronger sense of accomplishment and self-worth works wonders on making them happier with the person they have become.

Wrapping Up

Whether the person is feeling depressed, stressed out, or anxious, the best advice is to get off the couch and start exercising. Exercise is as good as, and in some cases better, than any prescription drug on the market.

It is extremely effective for improving physical appearance and creating a more positive outlook. Overall, exercise really can make people much happier and healthier.


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