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Can Fatigue be Cured?

Updated on May 9, 2012

Cure for Fatigue

Fatigue has taken over most peoples life and rightly so. We are so delusional with the superficial life of keeping up with the Jones that we have all but left our real lives and dreams far behind. We have children so other people can raise them. We send our children to schools that are claiming to educate our children. But when they graduate they can not read?

Just thinking about all the so called real world, living and working in it is tiring. Somehow we have to get through the lies and get back to our real purpose. Sure change your diet get more rest , eliminate the stress in your life, drink more water.

Here is a major stress and fatigue reliever!

Cut up and stop using a few of these credit cards. You thought I was going to tell you that changing your diet and drinking more water will cure your fatigue.

But then I came to realize that, Yes! you can improve your health and attitude to become less fatigued. But what it is really going to take for most of us is a total change of attitude and lifestyle. You wanted a quick fix didn't you. Eat this, drink this Yeah! you are cured of fatigue.

Think about how you have structured your life. Most of us that think we cannot live with out something and are working an extra job to keep it are really not helping our situation. Do you know how much money and stress you can save yourself if you do not have a car payment? I am serious about this.

Lets say that you actually bought a car and paid for it, all of it. So you cant afford to buy a new $20,000 dollar car? Ahhh then you shouldn't be driving one. Think about it. You are driving around in a car that you do not own and everybody knows you do not own it. But you act like because you can make a payment on a car that you are actually doing something productive for your self?

This is a very financially destructive move. Look around. Do you actually see people who are living on credit and buying on credit happy, not stressed and un fatigued. Hell no! We have to wake up. To become less fatigued you have to evaluate your life and figure out how to make it simple. Sure its all just that easy.
Its called work, this is real work. Not just showing up and doing what you are told that is BS.

Figuring it out for yourself and knowing that most of the people that you see around you do not get it and they never will. Never!

Your Partner?

It took me a few failed relationships before I learned enough about myself to realize some very simple things. One of the main things that I learned about myself, is that whom ever I am involved with can have a huge influence on my stress level.

Many of us have been in relationships where the other person is calling us every hour. It seems to me that they have a trust issue. Or else you are BS,ing the person so they have reason to stalk you everyday. Relationships are never normal but if you establish a certain amount of trust you can actually decrease the stress and fatigue in your life. Lets face it some people are tiring to be around. You have to decide if you want this type of relationship to continue.

People have to give the people that they love space. Space to grow. Sure we can be close but getting into relationships that suck the life out of us can be dam tiring. So pay attention , some of us don't even realize that we are being emotionally drained at every step of the way. I am not offering you a solution, I am just saying that we all need to be more aware of our relationships and how they are effecting our lives. Its that simple.

I have not heard of very many magic solutions when it comes to people. Becoming an adult is work as is becoming a parent.


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