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Can Food Allergies Cause Behavior Problems in Children #3

Updated on February 26, 2012

The Barrel Theory

Hello to all my food sensitive friends, this is my 3rd article in my series, Can Food Allergies Cause Behavioral Problems in Children? Understanding food sensitivities and explaining it to your children can be very difficult. Years ago I came across a theory in my research called The Barrel Theory. Using this theory, I was able to understand the reasons for certain reactions and I was able to explain it to my daughter in a way she understood.

The Barrel Effect - when your barrel is full or overflowing and you have allergies/sensitivities, you will have your reactions. You may ask yourself, sometimes they have that food and they are fine and other times they are not. That is where the Barrel Theory comes in. Each person has different foods that are their trigger foods, these foods can cause reactions. If their barrels are empty and they only have a small amount of the trigger foods they maybe fine. If they keep having many different trigger foods, the barrel fills up, once it overflows, you see the reactions. Keep track of the trigger foods and experiment with this theory. It has worked well for us over the years. When the barrel is overflowing and you are seeing reactions, go back to foods you know are not trigger foods for at least four days.

My daughter says that she uses the barrel theory to explain her sensitivities to her friends.

Good luck and keep the barrel low or empty!


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