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Can I lose weight by drinking water

Updated on December 13, 2014

Water for Weight Loss

Water for weight loss
Water for weight loss

Weight loss with water

This is one of those topics that on the face of it sounds totally unbelievable, you would be quite right to be cynical about what you are about to read. However, I would suggest that you try it, at the very least. You never know, you might just change your mind when you shed a few pounds by drinking some water on a regular basis.

I admit that if it was me reading this for the first time I'd be looking to see if it was April Fool's Day and someone is trying to convince me to do nothing but drink water and lose a lot of weight.

Be mindful that I have nothing to sell and nothing to gain - water is free and if you can lose weight for doing nothing other than drinking a glass instead of a snack and actually lose weight, isn't it worth trying? All you have to do is drink some water.

Drinking water, whether you are aware or not, does play a major part in weight loss - believe it or not, it is true.

This is not some hot new fad diet or meal replacement, it isn't a weight loss scam. It genuinely will help you to lose weight very cheaply, in fact it will save you a fortune not just in snacks and junk food but dodgy weight loss schemes.

We've all heard the advice about drinking two litres of water per day, I have to admit when I first embarked upon drinking that quantity of water, it seemed a lot and my visits to the toilets were very frequent.

For the first two days I seemed to have lived in the toilet, the frequencies however eventually slowed down and it became quite normal. I also lost a lot of weight. I won't go into the amount of wight I lost, but it was substantial.

If you are not in the habit of drinking that quantity, two litres of water a day is a huge amount to drink, so give it a few days, a little at a time and you will soon realize that a small glass every now and again throughout the course of the day is very easy. Whatever quantities of water you drink, don't swig two liters in one go! A small tumbler of water every couple of hours is perfectly fine and very easy.

Find a routine that suits you and it will become second nature. Personally I start my day with a glass of water, before coffee and breakfast and then a glass or two every couple of hours.

Can drinking water help lose weight?
Can drinking water help lose weight? | Source

Water reduces hunger

I can bang the proverbial drum all day about the merits of drinking water to lose weight but there comes a time when it is essential to explain exactly how.

There is no question and no argument that if you drink a glass of water instead of a munching a sneaky cheeky snack, you will definitely lose weight, simply because although we might actually feel hungry, or think we are hungry, but it could be that we are actually thirsty, or even dehydrated. Sounds complicated?

This is an important issue because ever since childhood we experienced a distinction between hunger and thirst. The truth is, we might not have got this right!

We take for granted that when we experience a rumble in the tummy it is because we are simply hungry and not thirsty. The truth is, a sensation in the tummy doesn't necessarily mean your body is actually demanding food, On the same lines, just because your throat isn't dry it doesn't mean you are not thirsty. This is a crucially important factor in understanding about weight loss by drinking water.

Try this experiment for just a a few days to test the theory, as I said, you have nothing to lose. Rather than snacking between proper meals when you think are hungry, try drinking a glass of water instead. Wait a few minutes, not straight away, it isn't instant, but the hunger goes!

It has to be normal everyday water, not flavoured water, not soda, no juice, not squash - just plain water and tap water is absolutely fine. Designer labels and posh brands make no difference.

That alone massively contributes to reducing your calorie intake and weight loss. Don't drink water as a meal replacement, just drink a glass when you feel like snacking. Don't give up your regular meals, especially breakfast, because that is the most important meal of the day.

Sipping water helps shed weight.

If you are still not convinced why water can help in weight loss, here's an explanation; the more water we drink the less water our body feels it needs to retain. Yes, this does sound like a contradiction but if you don't drink enough water, you will have a tendency to be bloated , that situation will increase your weight. How does that work?

Drinking water to lose weight

Losing weight with water

Our body is an extremely intelligent system, and it knows it needs water on a regular basis, if we are not taking in sufficient water our body goes into panic mode and instead of urinating to naturally release excess fluid it keeps hold of it simply because it fears dehydration. Painful pees could be the reason for this.

Like camels we carry water around with us purely as a reserve.

So if we drink plenty of water throughout the day our body will refrain from the panic and stop retaining the water in our body. Simply because our body is confident that it will have an ongoing supply. It gets to the point that you start to drink a glass and pee two glasses because your body is releasing retained water. Even that is weight loss.

In other words plenty of water going in will mean your body will soon reach the point where it wants to let go of excess liquids from your body and on that basis you will naturally begin to shed the pounds.

Drink Water - Lose Weight


Water as a Natural Detox

OK, your body is now confident that it will receive a constant supply of water, it no longer stores it and is happy to release it knowing that another glass is on its way in the near future.

Those far too many trips to the toilet are getting fewer and fewer,

This is where weight loss really starts to happen. Water doesn't just go in and out, it can also flush away the build-up of toxins within the body. This action will help get rid of a lot of bad stuff that has been in your system for some time.

Chilled water for losing weight

Bottled Water or Tap Water?

Did you know that about a quarter of bottled water sold worldwide is just tap water?

Pepsi and Coke actually market filtered tap water in bottles.

Good Morning America (the TV show) carried out a blind taste test of a variety of drinking water samples. the studio audience were asked to taste each one and say which they felt tasted the best.

The winner was New York City tap water from the municipal reservoir, even Evian was among the tasting samples.

It is often cheaper to buy a water filter and purify your own tap water but water from our taps is generally safe. Some water filter have combined water chillers too.

Will you partake?

Having read this far, are you prepared to try and drink water instead of snacking?

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    • profile image

      Rebecca 6 years ago

      I like what i have read. Let me drink much more water although previously i had abit of doubt when it came to drinking lots of water.but this explains everything now. Iam glad i landed here.

    • The Ghostwriter profile image

      Peter Yexley 6 years ago from UK

      The beauty of tap water it is free, there's nothing to lose (apart from weight) by trying it.

    • profile image

      tebo 6 years ago

      I have heard that drinking water can reduce appetite especially if taken before a meal. Your explanation makes a lot of sense if only people would take the time to try it out.

    • The Ghostwriter profile image

      Peter Yexley 6 years ago from UK

      I think it is a given that he's up for Honours

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

      Ditto, knight him now, so people will tune in more to what he is trying to encourage.

    • The Ghostwriter profile image

      Peter Yexley 6 years ago from UK

      I love your candid observations! If ever there was a modern day martyr it would be Jamie Oliver ...bless him!

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

      Hi ghost. It is a great suggestion, but unfortunately the majority of people would be unable to harness this simple idea. With two thirds of the western world either overweight or obese drastic action is needed. Fast food including fizzy and calorie rich drinks need to be made more expensive, as cigarettes and alcohol are. It's personal choice of course, but the health system will buckle under the strain unless something is done. Jamie Oliver knocks his head against a brick wall trying to point out the obvious, but too many teachers and politicians can't balance input with output. It's pretty tough when the only respondent so far is fit and healthy. Cheers