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Can Massage help Headaches?

Updated on February 8, 2015

A day in my life as a Massage Therapist

This weekend I had three 90 minute back to back session. The first two had very similar situations. Tension and stress in the upper back, causing headaches. Can massage help that? ABSOLUTELY!

The major of the clients I see are coming in for headaches, stress, tension, etc. What I have found is that 99% of my clients consider themselves happy go lucky and hide all of their stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am in the same situation. I consider myself a very happy person, but if you catch me in that 1% - watch out! But, in the 99% of the time – I am the most positive happy, upbeat person you’d like to meet.

However, if you were to touch my shoulders – you would quickly feel, that is where I hold all of my stress and tension!

Good news or bad news?

Good news, if you come to see me as your massage therapist, at Widdoss Therapeutic Massage, I know exactly what you are feeling and know how to fix it, while I focus on relieving the pain that you while you hide it from the rest of the world. Ok, if you don’t live in the Birmingham AL area and need to find a therapist somewhere, there is a good chance that they can help you.



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After the massage

This weekend while I was working on my first client I asked her, “Do you have a headache?” She had not marked on her intake form that she was currently experience a headache, but based on how tight her traps and rhomboids were, there was no way she wasn’t experience a headache. She was actually surprised that I asked and indicated yes, indeed, she did have a headache. I couldn’t wait to see and hear her response to how she felt after her session.

Anyway, I continued my normal routine of tearing apart the build-up and tension while intermingling the “ah” sensation.

When the session was over, I closed with my normal ending. “Ok, we are done. Take your time getting up and getting dressed. When you are ready, open the door, and I’ll come back in”. When the door opened my client was standing there in a total euphoria state.

I typically ask – how are you feeling? I chuckled because I knew the answer before I even asked. The client said she hasn’t felt this good in weeks, and that her headache was finally gone. I reminded her….you will not like me in the morning, but I promise, by Monday – I am going to be your new best friend. Really? Yes, really! After receive a true therapeutic massage, you should feel a little tender or sore the next day – similar to having a really good work out. Two days later, you should feel incredible…the same is with a therapeutic massage. The next day you will be sore, but two day later – you have a new best friend…that would be me!

I feel what?

you have a new best friend…that would be me!

The next important step is building upon the massage you just received. Receiving the one massage that makes you feel good is great, but building upon it with another massage within the next 3 to7 days gives you the most benefit. Why? I’m glad you asked. As a massage therapist giving you one massage on top of the other allows me to continue the work I’ve started. When you wait to come back, you’re allowing all of the toxins, tension and stress to build back up.

My normal speech includes – while I’d love for you to come back to see me, honestly, you just need another massage! Some clients do come back to see me, some do not.

If you really want to receive relief from your stress, tension, etc… you need to incorporate massage, stretching, as well as other life alternating techniques into your life. Easier said than done? Yes!

Does this really work?

So, does massage offer a benefit to headaches? For 95% of my clients – I would say yes. Without a doubt it is a combination of efforts. One from the massage therapist and the other from the client making life changes. However, chances are….if you come into my office with a headache – you will leave it behind when our session is over. Why not give it a chance? What do you have to lose?

Give us a call the next time you are in the Birmingham AL area, Widdoss Therapeutic Massage would love to become your new massage therapist of choice.

Ugh...that Headache!



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    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 2 years ago from California Gold Country

      Interesting information. My daughter-in-law is a massage therapist, and though she may already know this, I'm passing along a link so she can read.