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Can Skinny Guys Get Ripped?

Updated on June 30, 2017

Can Skinny Guys Get Ripped or is it Too Hard?

I used to wonder, can skinny guys get ripped all the time because I hated being weak and I hated the way my body looked. Girls would hardly give me a second glance and my self-esteem suffered terribly.

The good news is that I learned the answer to this question when I found some amazing resources that did not just feed me the same old crap I had been reading in the usual bodybuilding magazines.

The answer was YES! You can build pounds of lean muscle mass if you are a skinny hard gainer and you can do it naturally without any supplements or heaven forbid: steroids!

I hope this article will help you change your mind on going from skinny to muscle bound through an understanding of your genetics.

With this you can have women and guys turning their heads in admiration of your new ripped body every day!

If you know your body type...

One of the biggest problems skinny hard gainers have to deal with is the perception they should be bodybuilding just like all the enormous guys in the magazines and in the gym.

These guys are usually genetically gifted and many of them are on steroids and other drugs too. Taking tips from these guys would be like taking formula one driving tips from a truck driver!

... you may find a lot of similarities but you got way different engines!

The same applies to your body. A skinny guys body has a much faster metabolism that other peoples and burns up energy at an astonishing rate. This energy if not metabolized like it is in your body does two things:

1. Turn into fat cells for energy storage.

2. Repair and grow muscles!

Without enough energy your body does not have the fuel to get ripped! What this means your DIET is a bigger factor than your workouts.

Can Skinny Guys Get Ripped If They Just Eat More?

A clarification...

Your diet and the amount you eat is an integral part of a hard gainers training regime but it is not the entire focus and it is more complex than just chowing down on everything you can find like a ravenous locust!

What you eat and when you eat are also really important when building muscle so that you have the right mix of nutrients and energy at the rights times to repair and grow muscle tissue.

One tip that I found made a MASSIVE difference was to eat 6 meals a day instead of 3. Not snacks either each meal was a full meal! I had to plan this carefully in terms of how many calories i ate but the meal plans I got from this awesome website made it so easy. Each time I ate I felt I was building muscle not just cramming my face which was motivating!

What Really got me Ripped From a Skinny Body!

Can Skinny Guys Get Ripped Answered ...

While the diet plan made a big difference it was the whole picture when revealed to me that spurred my muscle growth to massive levels. Learning exactly how to approach every exercise, every set and every rep even to get the most efficient workout possible was the key to building insane muscle mass

For instance, I only do 3 sets per muscle group now at the maximum weight I can lift. Light weights and indeed for lightweights! To spark muscle growth you need to push your muscles to their limit to spark the muscle growth. After that you move on to another one ... forget workout out for hours on end, just do what is needed and get everything else right!

For this though you need the lowdown on everything from a guy who has been there, done that and gone from skinny to muscular once he cracked the skinny guy muscle growth code!


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