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A No Food Diet... Breatherians

Updated on May 7, 2016

Do you believe that if you had to you could live on air?

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The Breatharian

We live in a world where it seems that almost anything is possible.Man has many times taken things to the limits to see if what seems impossible is possible.The Breatharian is one of those things.To be able to live on a planet that requires all things to eat in order to survive and turning their plates down;surviving on just air, sun and sometimes water seems to be impossible.But the Breatharians say that they can do it.Let us dissect what seems to be an impossibility and see if there truly is method to their madness.

Wiley Brooks founder of The Breatharian Institute Of America claims to be such a man.He has been a breatherian for 30 years and teaching it for 20.He first introduced the world to his so called air diet life style in the 1980s; this man claims that he can draw energy from the air alone.Sleeping only 1 to 7 hours a week he says he requires no more because he lives in a non-polluted environment (I assume this to mean his body).Wiley demonstrated his strength to the world one day on a TV show called: THAT'S INCREDIBLE in 1981,able to lift 10 times his own body weight due solely on his life style (his body evidently needed no fuel to carry out this task).Can you imagine being about 140 lbs and being able to lift 1100 lbs.That much weight on so small a frame I find mind blowing, but I will not dismiss the possibility.Just because I find contradictions in the way he lives does not mean that Breatharians do not exist. In my opinion you either are or aren't there is no straddling the fence.There has been times when he has been seen ingesting food from McDonald a Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese and a diet coke to be exact.On another instance he was seen having a Slurpee, hot dog and Twinkies from 7-Eleven all the things that don't say air.I visited his site in order to better understand the method to his madness and was very disappointed in his excuse for ingesting foods.He explained that from time to time he breaks his fast because when you are surrounded by junk foods and cultures you need to have that burger and coke to bring balance.The diet coke was liquid light for him and the Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese posses some base frequencies needed by the body.If you had the cure for world hunger wouldn't you want to share it, I ask this because he has charged millions of dollars to teach this lifestyle to people.I cannot understand for the life of me how this man has followers.He would be better off telling people that he abstains from food frequently by fasting.That I can understand because that is closer to the truth.

For whatever reason I wanted to believe that this whole Breatharian thing could be true.I have had a love-hate relationship with food all my life and the idea of a better way to fuel the body without it intrigued me.

I decided to do a more extensive search and see if there are truly anyone out there who have successfully without waver lived this life style. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea of living exclusively on air but if it can be proven to me I'm willing to listen.We live in a world where hunger is everywhere,the idea of being able to free the world from starvation and malnutrition by way of an air diet could be a solution if only proven to work.Based on what it is said to be a breatharian: extended fasting will rid the body of excess body fat; which frees you from all internal toxins due to the intake of food and will also free you of all the diseases caused by the breaking down and storing of such matter.After reaching a total abstinence from foods (be they solid or liquid) the breatharian no longer has a need, desire or craving.But what I have researched thus far has proven the differ.The cravings don't seem to stop as seen with Wiley Brooks and quite a few others.The need for water intake supposedly stops because it is a cleansing liquid that the body no longer needs since there is nothing to move out.But why are there people who die from dehydration.How is it that the sun causes the body to sweat in order to cool off and you don't feel a need to rehydrate.Food may be considered an addiction but thus far I see no way around it.I do believe that fasting can help the body free itself of the build up of the garbage that we put in it.I believe that the herbs of the field are there for our medicines.To free ourselves of these things would leave us with nothing in the time of ailment.Breatharianism seems to be more of a religion or even a life style.I believe that it is a good idea but one that doesn't seem to work.I can except the whole Prana,Yoga,Meditation way of life but even Gandhi had to eat sometime.If our bodies are two thirds water then what do we do to replenish.


Jasmuheen (given name Ellen Greve) was considered a famous advocate of breatharianism during the 1990s.The television show 60 Minutes wanted to put her claims to the test,she excepted their challenge.She stated:I can go for months without having anything other than a cup of tea. My body runs on a different kind of nourishment.Although her cabinets were not bare (the food was her husband's) Jasmuheen believed that she could change the minds of the skeptics.Failing she claimed that the problem was due to the traffic of the city along with pollution.Which in turn did not allow her to ingest the proper nutrients that her body needed.In my opinion if you are already a breatharian a short stay in a hotel should not have mattered.Relocating her to a mountainside retreat away from the noise and pollution of the city and again she failed royally.After four days she became very dehydrated,her pupils dilated and her pulse doubled.Fearing kidney failure Dr. Beres Wenck advised her to stop.Jasmuheen still held to her beliefs in the end stating that others have succeeded where she failed.

Prahlad Jani is the only one that I came across in the Wikipedia who spent 10 days under observation trying to prove his claim.He was given only 100 milliliters of water per day exclusively for the purpose of mouthwash.It was then spit out and measured to make sure that he wasn't drinking it.During the course of the test no urine or stool was passed.Doctors stated that urine appeared to be forming in his bladder only to be reabsorbed by his body. Prahlad did no strenuous exercise during the course of the trail and there was a weight reduction,which shed some doubt on his claims that he could go indefinitely without food.In my opinion if he were to work and exercise on a daily bases his body would continue to loose weight because of it's demands to burn fuel.Carbohydrates, fats, proteins.....are needed by the body for energy.Without them the body would feed on itself.During my battle with anorexia I could feel what the lack of food did to me.I lost weight,I could literally feel my body attacking the muscles for nourishment,my heart beat was rapid and irregular and all desire to do anything other than to waste away plagued me.Maybe there is someone out there who can live a life without the intake of anything other than air.I truly doubt it but don't mind being proven wrong.It would be a glorious thing if we could rid the planet of starvation by way of air but I don't see it happening anytime soon.


A child dying of starvation as a buzzard looks on awaiting a meal.Maybe if he breaths deeper he can survive.
A child dying of starvation as a buzzard looks on awaiting a meal.Maybe if he breaths deeper he can survive.


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