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Can You Drink Water To Lose Weight?

Updated on June 30, 2013
Can we drink water to lose weight?
Can we drink water to lose weight? | Source

Excess weight has a lot of negatives. Many people who are over weight struggle with food, weight, and the image that others put upon them. There are tons of diets, programs, and even pills out there that claim that they have the key to weight loss and will make your life much better. However, many of these fail to meet expectations. Could you have been missing the simplest of answers? Can you drink water to lose weight?

Drink Water To Lose Weight - Studies

Water has been a huge part of studies and health for years. There was/is a belief that drinking more water could help with keeping skin healthier and avoiding acne and other troubling problems. Drinking more water is said to keep the digestive track healthy, to help you build more muscle, and so on. Some studies have shown that water doesn't help as much as doctors thought and that the eight glasses a day might not be useful. However, studies that focus on whether or not you can drink water to lose weight are a little more promising.

  1. If the only change that you make is adding more water to your life then it isn't likely to do much for you. The old age belief that drinking water sped up your metabolism is just that, and old age belief. You aren't going to burn more calories cause you add a little water to your life.
  2. However, a recent study by a Virgina Tech team (led by Brenda Davy, Ph. D) has shown that you can drink water to lose weight. If you are drinking water and eating less because of it you will lose weight. The study had participants drink two glasses of water 20 minutes before each meal. They lost more weight and those that kept up with it kept that weight off rather than gaining it back. This study proves that you can drink water to lose weight!
  3. A similar idea is that if you are using water to replace high calorie drinks you will lose weight too.

Drink Water to Lose Weight - The Facts

Water by itself may not do you a lot of good, but if you are cutting calories along with it you are sure to gain benefits. You should use this method of weight loss as part of a balanced and healthy diet along with exercise. Here are the facts though:

  • Most people don't consume enough water or enough fruits and vegetables that are full of water to meet their regular daily needs. They spend most of their life on the edge of dehydration. Dehydration is bad for you no matter how you look at it.
  • Most people are taught that they need water when they are thirsty, but this is a delayed cue. You are dehydrated when you are thirsty.
  • Most people don't know the difference between early signs and cues of thirst and hunger. Many people eat when they need water. This can cause additional weight issues if that food isn't being burned off. With this in mind you can see how you can drink water to lose weight.
  • Water is needed in order for your body to burn fat. You want your body burning more fat and having water will help it to do that.
  • It is important to exercise and move more when trying to lose weight. It is equally important to stay hydrated during those activities.
  • Drinking water in place of high calorie drinks can cut out hundreds of calories each day and in cases of high soda, juice, or fancy coffee consumers this could even be thousands of calories each day!
  • Drinking two glasses of water before meals can make you feel fuller and eat less. Fewer calories can help you to lose weight!

If you struggle to drink water to lose weight make it ice water with lemon or lime!
If you struggle to drink water to lose weight make it ice water with lemon or lime!

Drink Water to Lose Weight - How?

Many people have heard that drinking water can help with weight loss, but hearing and acting on it are two very different things. There are lots of things that you can do to help you actually drink more water. Here are some tips to get you where you need to go!

  1. Start slowly. No need for you to go from a one a day water drinker to an 8 or 10 a day. In fact, many studies show that when you make large changes you are less likely to succeed. Instead, make small changes.
  2. Start with a glass of water 20 minutes before each meal. This will help you stay fuller and will jump start your new water habit.
  3. Add another glass of water before each meal. Cut those calories with water.
  4. Work on replacing high calorie drinks including soda (diet soda isn't as good as you may think), coffee (when you add a bunch of stuff to it), or juice (small amounts of juice are good for you, but most consume too much).
  5. If you struggle with drinking water then consider adding a splash of flavor with lemon or lime juice. Flavoring your own water is best because artificial sweeteners added to zero calorie flavored waters often cause sugar cravings and many flavored waters or mineral waters contain calories.
  6. If you are hungry you should have a glass of water before reaching for a snack. Wait 20 minutes and if you still feel hungry feel free to have a small, healthy snack without guilt. This will make sure that you aren't thirsty! This is a very important aspect of the drink water to lose weight principle.

Klean Kanteen 27-Ounce Classic, Poly Loop Cap Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Klean Kanteen 27-Ounce Classic, Poly Loop Cap Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Drinking a lot of water often requires that you take it on the go. The busier you are the more that this is a requirement. Studies have shown that there are great advantages to stainless steel water bottles and canteens over plastic varieties. They are a little more expensive (in some cases), but well worth it in durability and safety.


While it isn't always easy to get into the habit of drinking a lot of water the good news is that the studies show that you can drink water to lose weight. It is true that you need to use it to lower your calorie consumption and you will still need to eat well and exercise, but it can help in the fight! It is also just plain good for you!


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  • Rebecca2904 profile image

    Rebecca 5 years ago

    Great hub! I was just about to ask a question here to find out about drinking water to lose weight, but one quick search and your hub's answered all my questions for me! thanks loads :)

  • fastfreta profile image

    Alfreta Sailor 6 years ago from Southern California

    Love these weight loss hubs, and you're so right, all the water in the world won't help if you don't cut back. Very well written. Voted up/useful.

  • aidenofthetower profile image

    aidenofthetower 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @Granny...That is a common belief, but the truth is that as long as you don't have a medical condition you should drink more water when you retain fluids. Check out the hub on it:

  • Granny's House profile image

    Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

    Yes, water makes us feel full but for people who retain fluid this may not be such a great idea

    Great hub

    voted up

  • dinkan53 profile image

    dinkan53 6 years ago from India

    Nice, useful hub. Water we drink provides all the cell functions and the decerease in water intake will leads to dehydration which means symptoms like fatigue, nervousness, dizziness, weakness and so on.... so keep drinking atleast 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Great information. Water is important in everyone's daily diet. It really does help you lose weinght.

  • Genna East profile image

    Genna East 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

    Very informative. Water helps us metabolize and burn fats, and is helpful in losing weight. Thanks for this useful hub.