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Is an Online Diet Website the Answer to Losing Weight?

Updated on January 31, 2016

Switch to Healthier Options

Choose the healthy option.
Choose the healthy option. | Source

One of the Army of Perpetual Dieters

I have joined one of the online websites which allows you to track you weight, food and exercise totals. I have started tracking everything and I am hoping that it will be my healthy way to maintain my ideal weight.

I was one of the army of perpetual dieters who always thought that the next one would work. Since I was a mere slip of a teenager and a perfect size ten, I was chasing the skinny hips dream. Thankfully I have matured out of that nonsense and today I just want to stay healthy. I weigh only slightly over what I should but I would like to trim down. I do try to lead a healthy lifestyle now but in past times I haven't always been so wise.

Over the years I have tried them all the good diets and the bad. There has been the eating only one type of food, eating only proteins and even drinking only vitamin enhanced shakes. Not surprisingly none of them proved to be the answer to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Who knows this may just be the answer.

Five Fruit and Veg Portions for Everyone

Fruit and  vegetables are good for everyone.
Fruit and vegetables are good for everyone. | Source

Has a Slimming Club Worked For You?

Has attending a Slimming club helped you to lose/maintain weight?

See results

Slimming Clubs and Classes

My attendance at slimming classes did not reap rewards either. On attending the classes apart from prompting me to lose my jewellery and wear my lightest clothes on weigh day, my weight loss was short term as I forgot about the class in-between attending and sneaked back to my naughty old ways. I felt that it was too rigid and didn't allow for your own recipes and that some days were just different from others and so needed different calorie allowances.

High Fat/High Sugar Items Need to Be Occasional Treats

Cream Teas are definitely to be limited.
Cream Teas are definitely to be limited. | Source

Online Food Intake and Exercise Trackers

I recently signed up for an online website, all fired up to fulfil my New Year resolution and eager to go. The website tracks your calorific and fat intake and also clocks up your exercise for the day. It actually gives you extra food if you burn over the basic exercise calories for the day which is a big incentive to step up your exercise. Clocking up those pedometer steps and your time at the gym boosts up the calories used really quickly and so allows some precious extra calories for those luxuries of wine and chocolate.

You are in control and can set easier days if you have something special on and then cut back on the other days. You decide the amount of weight you would like to lose over the week and it works out what your calorific and fat intake should be to achieve that. You can change this at any time if you feel it is too high or too low a loss.

It is really quite clever and totals the calorie and fat content for your recipes if you log in all the ingredients. This means you have the freedom to cook your own healthy meals and it adds it all up for you. I have found this invaluable in seeing how switching to healthier ingredients has a huge impact on the amount of fat in my food. Using soya milk instead of semi skimmed milk and soya spread instead of butter has a big effect on all the recipe's calorie and fat values. The site actually suggests switches for your food choices to healthier alternatives.

The aforementioned wine has its own little tracker to let you know if you are within the safe alcohol limits for the week. It also tracks your fruit and vegetable consumption for the day ensuring you are meeting your healthy five a day targets. Your water intake is also tracked to ensure you are drinking enough to stay at optimum health.

Break old Eating Habits

Tea or green tea doesn't need to go with a chocolate biscuit or three. Change old habits to healthy new ones.
Tea or green tea doesn't need to go with a chocolate biscuit or three. Change old habits to healthy new ones. | Source

Choosing The Exercise Which is Right For You

The twenty four hour world we now live in provides an endless array of exercise choices. For those who prefer to exercise alone in their own house there are a wide choice of exercise DVD's available and with the Wii Fit there is also a more interactive option.

Gyms and swimming pools have longer opening hours than ever and do run special offers on occasion for reduced membership fees. The option to pay as you go is also available now at some gym establishments.

Classes ranging from mind and body balancing yoga to the very active outdoor Bootcamps are freely available now. With special offers appearing on discount sites such as Groupon giving an option for a cheaper deal.

It would folly to forget the old favourite options of running and walking. They give you the opportunity to meet friends, get some fresh air and also to get fit. All this and it is free as well. It doesn't really get much better than that.

Exercise Regularly for Optimum Health

Walking is a great form of exercise for people of all levels of fitness and the perfect opportunity to meet friends.
Walking is a great form of exercise for people of all levels of fitness and the perfect opportunity to meet friends. | Source

Is a long term healthy lifestyle much better than a diet?

Have you reached a weight you are happy with due to:

See results

Forums, Mobile Apps and a Healthy Future

The forums for the site are a big bonus knowing that there are others out there trying to shed a few pounds whilst also encouraging and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The cost of the online dieting site is very small in comparison to the prices for attending classes and when you have been very good and lost some weight you are given rosettes which show on your profile. Even as an adult it is still nice to think that you have won something albeit only in the cyber world.

Fingers crossed it seems to all be rosy in the healthy kitchen for now. The accessibility is good. The mobile app means that you are able to track your food and exercise whilst on the go and the full online version is available for the recipe calculating and forum participation.

The site seems to encourage losing weight in a sensible, healthy way with emphasis on actively upping your exercise levels and also changing the ingredients you use to healthier alternatives. It seems to be encouraging a healthy lifestyle change over time which will yield weight loss as a result rather boom and bust fast loss diets.

Time will tell but it is definitely worth trying.

There are Many Different Fruit and Vegetable Choices Out There


Do you take Regular Exercise?

Do you exercise at least three times per week?

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Those sweet treats need to be avoided.
Those sweet treats need to be avoided. | Source


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    • Anna Haven profile image

      Anna Haven 4 years ago from Scotland

      I am glad you enjoyed the hub. Like yourself, I try to keep my exercise levels up and running!

      Thank you Epbooks :)

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Inspirational hub. Enjoyed reading this. I do at least walk every day and try to exercise at least 3 times a week. THanks for posting!

    • Anna Haven profile image

      Anna Haven 5 years ago from Scotland

      Hi Appsthatpayyou I haven't tried that one but I do track my exercise online. Thankyou for reading and commenting, it is appreciated.

    • Appsthatpayyou profile image

      Appsthatpayyou 5 years ago from London

      Hi Anna, good hub. Have you tried the free app called MyFitnessPal? It's free and of really high quality.

    • Anna Haven profile image

      Anna Haven 5 years ago from Scotland

      Thankyou, I am sure I will need it :)

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 5 years ago from California

      Good luck Anna! I find that I like tracking my exercise but not my food! Not sure what that says about me really!


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