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Can pancreatitis be healed naturally?

Updated on April 20, 2013

Before I begin this article I want to say that I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on T.V. I am but a simple woman in middle class America who has been suffering with pancreatitis for five, very long years. I can not cure, treat or diagnose anyone and that is not my intention by writing this article.

Alright, with that being said and out of the way I want to share with you what I have learned in the past five years of research about pancreatitis .Having had some medical background, being a licensed massage therapist and also working as an alternative health care provider, I am certain that what I am about to share with you, most doctors are not even aware of.

My story begins back twenty nine years ago when I began suffering from gallbladder attacks and was completely naive as to how the body functioned. I believed the doctors when they informed me that the gallbladder is not an essential organ. As a matter of fact it is one of the most common surgical procedures performed on women. I was told that it can even be performed on pregnant women with low risk to both the baby and mother.

I naturally assumed that everything that I was being told was truthful and correct and agreed to the surgery after being assured that this would take care of the problem. At no point before my surgery or afterward was I ever informed that complications might arise down the road, or that I would have to change my diet in any way to avoid any further issues.

Fifteen years after that initial surgery, I returned to that same hospital with a ruptured appendix and four years after that my weight began to escalate along with my blood pressure and my cholesterol. By the time I was 45, I was suffering with a slew of illnesses which also included chronic diarrhea, IBS, and pancreatitis.

I would soon find out that patients who do not change their diets after having their gall bladders removed will end up suffering with other organs such as their appendix and pancreas. I also learned that after the removal of the gallbladder, IBS and other intestinal problems are almost unavoidable. The gallbladder was created for a purpose and is a very essential organ, as are all your other organs. The one who created you did not put in any spare parts. Every organ has a reason and a purpose. The purpose of the gallbladder is as a bile reservoir tank for the liver. Once the gallbladder has been removed you have a constant drip from the liver which causes digestive issues, diarrhea, IBS, acid reflux, as well as many other problems.

When your gallbladder has been removed you are also more likely to end up with pancreatitis. One of the main reasons is because the original cause was never addressed. You see, the problem was never really the gallbladder to begin with, the problem originally started in the liver and the culprit was your diet. This is always the case if your pancreatitis was not alcohol induced. So in order for you to understand how you ended up with pancreatitis, you need to know a few things of how your body works.

Your liver is the largest organ of the body, it can lose three-quarters of its cells before it stops functioning and the only organ that can regenerate itself. It is also one of the organs that you can not live without and yet one of the most over-looked and mistreated. Your liver is in charge of filtering your entire bodies blood supply every 3 1/2 minutes. It also filters out everything that you eat, drink and inhale. That's pretty impressive for an organ that size. The liver forms it's bile from water, electrolytes, cholesterol, bilirubin, bile acids, and phospholipids. Adults produce between 400 and 800 ml of bile each day and it’s stored in the gallbladder until it is needed. (told you that you needed that gallbladder) Now here is the surprising part. Did you know that your gallstones came from the liver? Liver stones are formed whenever an excess of cholesterol exists in the body. What on earth would create enough cholesterol in the body to form calcified stones you ask? The answer is acid causing foods.

When you consume highly acidic foods such as meat, dairy and grains, it causes the body to become highly acidic. Our bodies where meant to be in a constant alkaline state, so in order to balance itself out, your body begins to draw from the bodies available resources in order to counterbalance the acidity from those foods. The two best sources that your body has to draw from are calcium and the production of cholesterol. So when you consume a diet high in acids, the body compensates with high antidotes of cholesterol and calcium. When you continue to consume these highly acidic diets for lengthy periods of time, the liver is not capable of removing the calcium, or the cholesterol fast enough and this begins to form stones in the bile.

If this type of acid forming diet is allowed to continue, enough stones will form that the liver will become over burdened and excess stones will be passed over to the gallbladder and stored along with the bile. When this bile leaves your gallbladder, your pancreas is next in line to receive these wonderful stones. If the gallbladder gets over burdened with these stones you will begin to experience gallbladder attacks and eventually be told that you need to have your gallbladder removed. If you have your gallbladder removed it only becomes that much easier and the distance that much shorter for your pancreas to be gifted with these calcified stones causing acute pancreatitis.

Now, if your anything like me you will suffer for many years with pancreatits before they finally figure out that it's stones causing the problem and from my

thero research, it is always stones causing the problem. The biggest problem facing anyone with pancreatitis, however, is that by the time that a stone becomes large enough, or calcified enough to be spotted on an MRI, cat scan or ultra sound it's normally too late for patients, or they are already living with feeding tubes because the pain has become so sever that it is almost impossible to keep food down. Gallstone pancreatitis is caused when inflammation of the pancreas results from blockage of the pancreas duct by a gallstone.This occurs at the level of the sphincter of Oddi, a round muscle located at the opening of the bile duct that goes into the small intestine. When a stone or debris from the Gallbladder or liver travels down the common bile duct and clogs or gets stuck at the sphincter, it blocks outflow from the liver and pancreas.

So there you have it. Just as water rolls downhill, so do stones in the body. The liver being the highest point, filtering to the gallbladder then the pancreas and finally the kidney's. I know that everyone knows about kidney stones and now you know how those stones got there. One of the saddest realizations that I made during my research was that there is a way to remove gallbladder stones naturally without surgery and I could have saved my much needed gallbladder. I also found that there is a way to heal from pancreatitis, which is just the opposite of what we have been lead to believe all along. I contemplated long and hard as to whether I was going to post how to heal the pancreas naturally and in the end decided against it. In order to heal the pancreas it takes the kind of commitment that few people have the time, effort or open mindedness needed to carry out the protocol.It can also be a bit dangerous if perform while not under a doctors care because as you expel stones from the liver and gallbladder you take the risk of leaving some behind in the colon which can later fester and cause infection, creating further problems to contend with.

The body is not so hard to figure out once you have done the research and taken the time to break everything down in order to figure out how it works. Unfortunately not enough doctors are plagued with this disease in order to want to figure out how to heal it. Perhaps they simply just want to take their own advice and have it removed, honestly believing that it's just one more unessential organ that they can live without.


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    • Maddambutterfly profile image

      Marie V Stephens 5 years ago from New Mexico

      Avian I could not agree with you more! If I had to do it all over again I would do things a lot different and would have kept all my organs in tact!

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Just like with cars, you start removing parts, and the other essentials that were related break down. Thanks for the good top off to help keep people well.


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