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Can running get you the desired results for your weight loss efforts?

Updated on October 22, 2016

Many people believe that running can help them lose weight. But after trying for two or three weeks, they quit this exercise because they are frustrated that there are no visible results. Apart from this, they feel pain in their joints. In fact, they start developing apprehensions whether running will really help them lose their weight or not. Let us have a look.

Consistency is the key

If your aim is to lose weight, you should do the exercises you have chosen on a consistent basis. Experts categorically assert that doing the exercises regularly is as important as choosing the right exercises. In short, you must choose those workouts that you are likely to do regularly.

Intensity and frequency

Intensity and frequency play a major role also in getting you the results you want. This means the intensity with which you do your workout should help you burn your calories. At the same time, you should guard against overdoing and injuring yourself or burning yourself out. The duration of your exercise sessions should be long also so you create what is called 'a calorie deficit' in your system.

If you think that running can burn your calories and create such a deficit, go ahead and continue doing the exercise. But there is a problem here. If you do this exercise with intensity, it may start hurting your joints. Fitness experts also point out how there is increased pressure on the feet when you run. In fact, it can be as high as four times of your body weight. For obese and overweight people, the impact may be all the more high.

Find out alternatives

If you find that your running program is hurting your joints, you must look for alternative exercises for reducing your weight. Remember to choose only those workouts you will be able to do consistently.

How to get best results out of your efforts

Experts advise that regardless of the exercises you choose to do, you must bestow utmost attention on what you eat. You may think that since you are doing your exercises regularly, you can eat whatever you want. You cannot assume that your exercises give you carte blanche on the dining table.

In fact, many people have this tendency of over-eating since they think that their exercises will take care of the extra calories they put into their system. They forget the simple arithmetic that if their calorie intake is more than the calories they spend, they are bound to gain weight. Of course, if you lead a very active life and are confident that you are spending more calories than what you consume, you may not face any problem.

Simply put, choose an exercise that you love and you are likely to do consistently. Then, calculate the calories you need for all your activities including the new exercise you have chosen. Stick to the exercise and diet regimens scrupulously. You will certainly lose your extra pounds.


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