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Can you keep the wish of a dead man?

Updated on April 21, 2011

Can you keep the wish of a dead man?

Have you ever seen a man die?

Have you ever been so close to a dying man?

Can you imagine how it feels for a dying man to know that he is dying and that soon he will be buried and, maybe, forgotten?

Can you remember or imagine the pains of those that died in agony and suffering?

Can you remember standing or sitting close to your loved one in his sick bed?

Can you remember watching your loved one die and you could do nothing?

You could not help him, though you tried, though you wanted him to stay with you, to live longer but all you could do was to watch him die.

Have you ever heard the last wish of a dying man?

He might give you a warm smile even in his pains while he told you his last wishes. The smile of dying man is not that he enjoys the pains but he wants to give you the courage to live on without him, above all he wished he could stay to do more but he just had to trust you and hand over his wishes to you. He trusted that you could keep his wishes so he was happy to die in a rest of mind for he trusted and had faith in you.

So have you ever listened to the wish of a dying man?

Can you keep the wish of a dying man?

There are some men that may not have the opportunity to make a wish because their death was suddenly. These include those that died by accidents. Those that died in the battle field, those that went to work and never came back, like the incident of 9/11, Madrid attacks among others.

Many things can make a man fail to say his wish but we can still know the wish of men by the things they lived for or, even, died for. I remember Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers of all time. He was made to take his own life by poison. He had the chance to escape the death but he was a man of very high integrity, even unto death. He taught ethics and morals to the Greek youths and that was why he was found guilty. He died for what he lived for and believed. While he was dying he made a wish in his heart, Plato got his wish. I felt his wish that was why an unborn child responded to the various religious articles that claimed Socrates willingly died to prove his concept of the soul. Those that wrote the articles are blind and biased because they are victims of their own accusations. They fail to remember that even the disciples of Jesus willingly gave their lives for what they believed so said an invincible unborn child, “Even those in the mystery do not know a mystery hidden within the mystery.”

Then I remembered Jesus of Nazareth, while he was dying on the cross of Calvary he had a wish and he did not want his mission to be in vain. He even made disciples to spread his gospel which some people called the gospel of peace. Many of the apostles died for the sake of the gospel and many are still spreading the gospel in various ways even though some have used it as a weapon against others and against themselves. Now we no longer have the peace that should be a component of the gospel. Other religions have coined things and changed doctrines into weapons but who are we to blame them for the religious must teach and preach the truth no matter how they do it.

Then I remembered George Washington. He fought for liberty and he led a nation of liberty. He wished in his sick bed that his efforts would not be in vain and that other nations would someday enjoy the liberty he fought for. It is said that USA is a land of liberty but we know that such was not reflected early enough in its true meaning. This is because it was in the land of liberty that men were made slaves and civil rights were denied to people in the name of racism.

Then I remembered the wishes of Abraham Lincoln. He addressed the difficult issues of his time and he paid the ultimate price with his life. Yet men did not completely keep his wish, if they did Martin Luther King Jr. would not have had a dream of a better tomorrow his dreams were his wishes and he also paid the price of a positive wish for the unity and love of mankind in brotherhood of man.

I have got the wishes of these men and many others that lived and died for a positive cause like Gandhi, mother Teresa, the Kennedy’s, Paracelsus, among others. If we consider these men that have brought positive changes to humanity in various ways, we can say that despite that their time, mission, belief, and visions may differ yet they have one thing in common. They made a wish before they died. Their wishes can be seen in their works which they lived and died for. Above all their wishes had one thing in common, it was an unselfish wish. They did not wish for their personal interest but for the interest of others and to help humanity build a better tomorrow.

They felt the pain.

They died in pain.

They had you in their wishes even as they were dying. Therefore just as you recall your experience while watching you loved one die and maybe you got his wish. These men made a wish and in their wishes are your liberty, peace, justice, unity, equity, love, and brotherhood of mankind among others. You can help to keep the wishes of these dead men but even if you fail to be a part of it, if you chose to oppose them because you did not believe in their wishes, their dreams, and visions will never be in vain because they lived, they fought, and they paid the ultimate price so men are now waking up and are so willing to follow their foot steps. Do not stand against the path of these men else you will be crushed for the forces are now many and more and more people have come to realize the truth.

It is better for you to join and keep the wishes of these dead men because that was the last thing they wished before they died. It is the wishes of the noblest dead men the world has ever known.



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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      you are right it can never be you because it was his work to do but the point is that we can play a part to ensure that people are not killed, suffered,hate, or denied any right for religious purposes.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Every year I again witness the cruel death of my brother.

      Every year I wish it were me in his place, yet I know it will never be.