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Can You Prevent Celiac Disease? Or is it just genetics?

Updated on July 11, 2012
People with Celiac disease can't eat wheat or other grains with gluten
People with Celiac disease can't eat wheat or other grains with gluten | Source

Is it a genetic disease or not?

I have great interest in Celiac disease because there are a few people in my family who have it. Not in my immediate family, however. It seems that there is a growing number of people within my acquaintance who are adopting gluten free diets due to varying symptoms and severity. Some have uncomfortable digestive reactions, severe dryness or rashes on their skin, or nervous system issues (autism and seizures in two separate cases of my personal friends). Gluten seems to be a hot topic within the medical circles. The gluten-free products have grown exponentially in the last few years! It is a serious issue and can have devastating effects on the person affected. The gluten-free diet is the only way this illness can be treated. My question is can it be prevented? It may. One statement I found says that “the exact causes for celiac disease at any given age remain unclear and warrant further study”.
I was at a cooking demonstration of the famous Chef Brad. I believe he said that he has a gluten allergy. He loves bread!! He has done amazing things to eat well and keep his illness in check. He loves to talk and was informing the audience that the studies that he had done made him believe that the process of making white flour adds certain toxins to the final product which then cause sensitivity to wheat and gluten. If you search the internet about toxins in white flour you’ll have plenty to read. Anyhow, the medical world is explaining that celiac disease is a genetic disease, just as they say that cancer and heart disease and diabetes are genetic diseases. It made me really think about celiac disease and its causes. It is well known now that heart disease and cancer and diabetes can all be prevented through a good diet. I mean a diet full of fiber and nutrients with very few calories coming from junk foods or animal products. Studies and research proving that diabetes, cancer and heart disease are all more related to what you eat than what your genes are so I thought it may be the same for celiac disease.

The microscopic lining of the small intestines
The microscopic lining of the small intestines | Source

A Healthy GI Tract Makes a Healthy You

I have concluded that while genetics do play a part in making a person susceptible, there are other factors that are in our control that we can do to create a healthy body and lessen the possibility of disease. The microflora in the digestive tract is vital to a healthy body. It is the small intestines that extract the nutrients out of the foods we eat. If we take antibiotics the healthy balance in our digestive tract is upset. In fact, the antibiotics (especially broad spectrum antibiotics) will kill all of the bacteria in the gastro-intestinal system. While antibiotics are essential for saving our lives from infections we need to think about replacing the good bacteria during the course of antibiotic and immediately following. While I don’t know exactly how it works, there are many products that are called pro-biotics that replace them. The souring agents that are in yogurt like acidophilus is one such pro-biotic. The sugar content in most yogurts actually don’t make them that healthy, so you need to be aware of that. Generally processed foods, animal products and sugar will all upset the healthy balance in your digestive tract. A healthy digestive tract in essential to a having healthy immune system.
Diabetes and Celiac disease are both auto-immune diseases. In non-medical terms these are diseases in which the body attacks itself because it is not in a healthy state. If you strive to have a healthy immune system your body –and this is conjecture on my part concerning celiac disease—will not develop the disease. There are many things written about eating foods that balance your body acidity. There are lists of foods that will cause your body to become more acidic (this makes it disease-prone) or alkaline (optimal health). Generally speaking the foods that make your body more alkaline have more nutrients and fiber. The highest scoring foods are all fruits, vegetables and seeds!!! If you strive to make the whole grains a part of a diet full of fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds you will have better health and will be able to prevent many illnesses.

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