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Cancer - Thinking Like a Cancer Survivor

Updated on October 16, 2014

The Word Cancer

What kind of negative shock waves does the word "cancer" send through your mind? And how will you react when you're the one being told you have cancer?

It's important to maintain an awareness about how certain words can affect your overall health; this is part of the battle when it comes to dealing with cancer.

Mental Conditioning

We've been conditioned to respond to the word "cancer" in a manner of despair and hopelessness. Every time you look around you hear of someone who has cancer or has died from it.

Half of the battle with cancer is dealing with the mental stress it can place upon us. Knowing the outcome that many people have suffered, it's understandable how people react when being diagnosed with cancer.

But, flipping this negative thought process over and looking for solutions is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Flipping The Mental Switch

Many cancer survivors overcame cancer by looking for solutions, not giving up.

This act in itself is positive and it's a great step to the survival process. The next step is education.

There's no way you can say that there's not enough information about cancer in the world. In fact, you could say there's to much information out there. The mutation of blood cells (good to bad) is a generalization of what cancer is all about.

We have 40 trillion cells in our body and they have their own way of communicating. This is a scientific fact. So, by thinking negatively you are transmitting these negative thoughts throughout your system. By doing this do you think you increase you chances of surviving cancer or decrease them?

This is why we say, "flipping the mental switch is one of the best chances a person has to beat cancer."

Cancer Treatments

The traditional treatments for cancer are chemo and radiation.

For someone who has never went through these treatments we must listen to the people who have. And from what we hear the treatments are no fun at all.

Common cancer treatments (chemo/radiation) kill good blood cells as well as the bad ones - this could be why the success rate is low. Newer technology has introduced equipment where the radiation beam can zero in closer on a targeted area reducing the damage to good cells.

Other Alternative Cancer Treatments

There's a saying, "give your body what it needs and it will do the rest." We're sure you not only want to treat cancer but you want to beat it too.

This is where education and knowledge comes in - the Cancer Network provides additional information concerning holistic alternatives used in combating this disease.

Supplements - supplements such as vitamin C, ALA and other antioxidants are a good place to start. Removing toxins from your system helps take the burden off your immune system; this is the system that fights invaders - staying away from processed foods and sugars will also reduce the burden your system has to endure.

Alkaline Properties - there seems to be a lot of evidence revolving around the fact that cancer cells cannot survive in a alkaline environment. You can buy alkaline enriched water and you can also invest in an water system that produces alkaline water. You'll need to consult with your doctor or a holistic professional when it comes to this type of treatment. There are so many types of cancer and some react differently to this treatment than others.

Positive Thinking - we touched on this earlier and hopefully the reasons are clearer on why this is a big part of surviving cancer. For reasons unknown your mind can create and release chemicals that fight cancer cells. Science doesn't quite know why, but some do acknowledge this process exists.

Some people see a glass as half full, while the majority of people see the glass as half empty - it has to do with influences and actionable choices. This means you choose to be negative.

It actually takes effort to be positive, and this is especially true when diagnosed with cancer. Cancer survivors find a way to take a positive attitude in their situation and this is a fantastic first step to survival.

You might need help with flipping the switch, turning the tables on negativity - this help can be found at the Positive Thinking Network

Cancer is a deadly disease and we don't profess that alternative treatments are a cure all.

Your doctor is trained in one aspect of treatment and should always be a part of your treatment team, but don't disregard other alternatives that could be a part of your survival treatment plan.


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    • profile image

      Alyssa Montana 

      9 years ago

      I completely agree with that!

    • rb11 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thanks, I do believe people are blind to this fact. Your immune system can solve a lot of health issues or when it breaks down it create many more.


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You are completely right about letting your immune system do it's job. Right on.

    • rb11 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thanks for the comments, fear can overcome facts and if you are ignorant of the facts you are left with fear.

    • profile image

      Useful Knowledge 

      9 years ago

      This is great advice for everyone. Positive thinking can bring you through many things in your life.

      I was told that I had cancer when I was 20. I remember how scary those words were. It ended up being precancerous and was treated with a simple procedure.

      I have learned that thinking positive helps me through the toughest times in my life.

      Great hub.

    • BetsyIckes profile image


      9 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Good article, I am also a cancer suvivor!


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