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Cancer Prevention Diet

Updated on April 5, 2011

Your worst nightmare would be for your doctor to tell you that you have been diagnosed with cancer. Compounding this devastating news would be that you are in the advanced stages of the disease or what is known as stage 4. It is very natural to feel blanketed in layers of depression. But, before you totally give up hope on the chances of survival, there are a few things that you should know. Not always is cancer fatal and to a certain extent, a healthy diet can help you stay protected from it.

There are many people who have also formulated their own healthcare and diet regimen if they feel that they are susceptible to cancer. This most often happens when there has already been cancer in the family. These changes have largely to do with lifestyle and eating habits. In conjunction with exercise routines some people choose to avoid eating red meat as far as possible. They maintain healthy diets that comprise Greek yogurt, fruits like bananas and apples, wholesome salads, hard boiled eggs, brown rice, a lot of sprouts and greens, a healthy dose of fish and on occasion, chicken.

Many have also substituted regular cooking mediums with olive oil and have included a lot of garlic, onions and herbs in their food. Oncologists have not really confirmed that such dietary plans actually make a difference. But a healthy lifestyle at any stage in life can do no harm. In fact it gives you a sense of purpose especially if you are retired.

Probably the best diet that will help you ward off cancer is one that is primarily fruit and vegetable based. Besides healthy doses of each every day, you can also include a lot of whole grains and beans as well. Stay as far away as possible for processed foods. These are foods that are more than twice removed for its actual source, mixed with several ingredients of unknown origin and canned with a lot of preservatives. The fresher the food you eat, the better.

There is no unsaid rule that if you maintain a healthy diet you will not be susceptible to cancer. By maintaining a good diet however, you are making sure that your body is healthy enough to produce the necessary anti-bodies.


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