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Cancer awareness month really works or not?

Updated on April 7, 2016

Yes everyone is aware cancer happens

What they are not aware of is all that comes after you are told you have it. If someone sees me in a t shirt with a slogan about cancer they really do seem to be more willing to ask me Q's. And I am more than happy to help educate them. Maybe it will mean the diff between them getting checked and not getting checked each year. I know some people are sensitive about what has made them ill and that is perfectly fine. We all feel the way we feel. I have been to hell and back and if I can use one slogan to stop what has gone on with me for someone else I am going to do that. I am a fighter and for me this is a battle. I will win any way I can. We must educate

We don't need more awareness. We need prevention and a cure

You know how many red shirts, socks, ribbons, hats, anything, I saw (especially any silly sayings like "save the platelets!" ...) in honor of this month? NOTHING! I despise the fact that cancer has been divided into groups and each group has to come up with a pitch in order to gain support.

Cancer is cancer and it fears. No matter if it is in your blood, breasts, prostate or pancreas, we ALL need help and support! If anyone isn't aware breast cancer exists then they are living in a bubble. Why can't it be Breast.
Cancer sufferers are fighting for their lives, they deserve the love, respect and compassion that they need and deserve. So anything at all that brings awareness to any disease is helping the never ending fight. It could hit anyone, any age any time

What if cancer awareness program not makes noise?

It's to raise awareness for it. It screams it out there. Would you rather have nobody know about it anymore? No more donations? No more anything? Just people secretly suffering from it, and nobody knowing about it?. There are plenty of people with illnesses that nobody really knows about that would love to take the place, so people will start donating for the research for it. We ask questions, we are curious. We do crazy things to draw attention to the illness. It just really frustrates. Be thankful that so many people know about it and everyone trying to help.

I understand raising awareness but not in such a way that so many organizations out here are in it for the money and not for the cure. Cancer affects us all in different ways but or community should focus more on research and a cute instead of using it as a money making system.

Don't walk! Hate pink shirts?

Then don't wear one! All I simply saying is cancer sucks no matter where it is and honestly I thank God people are finally aware of it! For all my fellow fighters out there keep up the good fight and keep cancer on the ropes. For those who hate all the hoopla of breast cancer awareness stand strong it's almost over and soon enough we can begin to complain about Christmas coming sooner and sooner every year. People always assumed one had breast cancer just because one was a woman! One should support breast cancer awareness EVERYDAY not just for one month but still NOT ALL CANCER IS PINK!!!

Lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer?

I think the time for isolating each cancer to a month and doing fund raisers foe awareness is past. Everyone that has a TV, radio, eyes and ears knows about awareness for cancers. Very few fundraisers for research, helping families that have been financially devastated by cancers. One day we all strive to raise monies for research and finding a cure for all cancer.

September month was ovarian cancer awareness

I'm sure the majority of people never knew that! (Not to forget childhood and thyroid cancer awareness) In comparison ovarian cancer is rarer than breast (1 in 8 compared to 1 in 72). However, most people don't know that if you are a breast cancer or colon cancer survivor you are at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer! If these 2 diseases run in your family you are also at a greater risk! One of the big differences between these diseases is that there are early detection tools. However, you don't have that with ovarian cancer! Pelvic exams can sometimes miss it!

Ovarian cancer has symptoms but these symptoms are usually brushed off as something else. And because of that ovarian cancer usually isn't detected until it is in stages 3 and 4! Woman usually eventually dies from this disease! After all, it is considered to be the most deadly of the gynecological cancers

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