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Cancer: physical examination to protect for life

Updated on October 25, 2011

Cancer: physical examination

The world health organization pointed out that although cancer can take away people’s live, 2/3 of the cases can be prevented and cured. The key is to find out early by physical examination. Yet normal examination cannot discover it easily. Targeted preventive examination is very important and necessary.

After age 20: check cervical carcinoma after two years of marriage

Marriage not only brings happiness but some disease as well, cervical carcinoma is one of them. As one of the most frequently seen malignant tumours, cervical carcinoma take away approximately 200,000 women’s lives every year. Cervical carcinoma has no obvious symptoms in the early period so many women find it at its late stage. How we can possibly prevent its happening?

Firstly we should find its high incidence group. Cervical carcinoma has close relations with sexual life. The rich data proves that women has early marriage, early child-bearing, prolific births, sexual hygiene problems and sexual life disorders are at higher risk of getting it.

40 to 60 age group is the high incidence group but the latest cases proves that the cervical carcinoma is moving toward younger groups. The number of people under age 30 is increasing. Women who has their first sex after 2 years should check for possible cervical carcinoma with Pap smear, keeping it once in a year. After age 30 checks should be based on risk level. If results of continuous checks is negative may reduce the screening times. In this way, we can prevent the invasion of cancer.

After age 30: 3 layers of protection for breast cancer

Breast is the symbol of women, but also the most dangerous killer. Among the tumors women get, breast cancer is the number one on the list. Experts have suggested that early and timely treatment still has higher possibility of cure. So from age 30, women should take good care of their breast.

Irregular menstruation, late marriage, household heredity, eating high calorific and fatty food, abuse of estrogen or with high mental stress are the high incidence group. This type of women should check breast cancer at young age.

Self check: it is easiest and highly applicable checking method. The best time for self checking is 7 to 10 days after menstruation. Women at their menopause should better set one day in a month to self check. The method is to see and touch. Standing in front of a mirror to see if the two breasts are in symmetry, the change of the outline and is there any secretion from it or shrinking. Using the finger pulp of the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to press, circulate or slide around to see if there is any swelling or lump. If you find any signs of painless lump or the part of breast sunken, axillary nodes swell, you should go to the doctor immediately.

The screening methods
Type-B Ultrasonic: no hurts, no repetition use.
X-ray: malignant tumor has irregular imaging and burrs on the border. It is good for women after age 40.

After age 40: smokers should pay attention to their lungs

After reaching age 40, many illness come without being invited. Among the cancer families, lung cancer and gastric cancer are the two dangerous members. What should we do to prevent and detect the two?
Lung cancer is the highest occuring and killing cancer in the world. Above age 40, people who have long history of smoking, who has long been exposed to radioactive materials or family history of cancer are the high incidence group of getting it. The early stage of cancer has no obvious symptoms and likely to be ignored by the patients and doctors. So elderly people, especially smokers should check it regularly. Every half a year or one year as one cycle. The Xray photo and the CT check can find the shady part, pneumonia, atelectasis and pleural effusion. It is significant for finding early cancer.
70% of gastric cancer has no obvious symptoms so checking seems really important. The screening of gastric cancer has many methods, including pepsin check, helicobacter pylori check and the gastrointestinal X line check. Besides, endoscopic examination can check the inside of stomach, it is really worthwhile for early cancer screening. The early gastric cancer tumor is small, after removing it, the patients has 70% of the possibility of survival for more than 5 years.

cancer cell
cancer cell

After age 50: finger examination is important

Although cancer gruadally inclined toward young people, the love for elderly people never diminishes. Especially colon cancer and prostate cancer are often seen among aged people. Finger examination has some functions for finding them, however, the most accurate one is still screening.
After age 50, if you have any family history of colorectal polys, proctopolypus, colon cancer ,diarrhea or constipation should do enteroscope screening for tumor. For people who cannot do enteroscope screening, for example, the aged or people with heart and lung diseases should resort to CT screening.
As for prostate cancer, most of the people have been at its late stage, it has greatly reduces the survival rate. The patients are lack of general investigation, in fact the screening method is very simple, it called prostate specific antigen (PSA). People who are above age 50 should all have this check.


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