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Foods That Kill Cancer Cells in Your Body

Updated on June 8, 2021
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Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

To prevent cancer with food, you must religiously eat cancer-fighting foods every day! These fine whole foods combat the cancer cells your body creates every day. They prevent cancer cells from proliferating and multiplying. This keeps your cancer cells at a remarkably low count in comparison to your body's healthy cells. Thus, cancer loses its chance to create more cancer cells in your body.

The paramount thing to remember is,

  • "Sugar Feeds Cancer Cells"
  • "Cancer Loves Hiding in Fat Cells"

The best cancer-fighting foods are the ones that stop you from packing on extra pounds of fat. This means you must avoid foods containing saturated meat, fat with high-fructose corn syrup and superfluous additives.

Cancer cells feed on sugar foods of all types! Sugar aids, cancer cells to divide and multiply quickly. Thus, if you're prone to developing cancer, or if cancer runs in your family, it's best to stay away from processed sugar foods altogether!

Cancer cells love fat tissues, given that fat helps to keep cancer. Therefore, the leaner you are with good muscle tone; you dramatically reduce your chance of developing a fully-fledged cancer ailment.

Foods That Prevent Cancer!

Grains that prevent cancer are whole oats, wheat, brown rice, quinoa, barley, rye flakes, rice cakes, popcorn, and millet.

Avoid eating many refined grains and sweetening flours with artificial coloring, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and conditioners.

If your local grocery store contains heavenly cakes and cookies; thus, your willpower must strongly come into play! It must protect and save you from eating these sinfully delicious sweets.

Vegetables that prevent cancer are broccoli, kale, watercress, parsley, cabbage, spinach, dandelion greens, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, endive, onions, leeks, carrots, turnips, beets, squash, cucumber, celery, corn, garlic, celery, sprouts, yams, artichoke, yams and sweet potatoes.

You should eat a variety of legumes such as navy beans, Lima beans, pinto beans and peas except for soybeans. Soy products have been found to affect the functioning of the thyroid gland of individuals, the gatekeeper of temperature, for your body and sleep cycle. Fermented soy products such as miso and organic soy sauce are okay to eat and beneficial in helping to prevent cancer.

Seeds that prevent cancer are pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans and even peanuts.

Nut jars of butter freshly made of these ingredients are super beneficial in helping to prevent cancer. The major thing to watch out for is to avoid eating a particular seed or nut if you suffer from a nut or seed allergy.

Fruits that prevent cancer are apples, cantaloupe, blackberries, strawberries, lemon, cherries, blueberries, prunes, orange, watermelon, raisins, raspberries, nectarines, peaches, and honeydew.

Avoid eating dried fruit and fruit syrups with fruit juices, for they contain an extremely high-sugar concentration. Instead of fighting cancer cells, you’ll be feeding them. Stay clear of eating a high dose of processed sugary fruits.

Processed Foods Promote Cancer and Cause Bloating

Beverages That Prevent Cancer!

Beverages that prevent cancer are herbal teas, dandelion root tea, roasted barley tea, ashitaba plant tea, and rice milk, purified spring water, apple cider, and decaffeinated grain coffees.

When eating meat or fish make sure you are aware of its source. It is best to eat organic meat if you are prone to developing cancer. Eat free-range and hormone-free poultry and eggs. Make sure the red meat you eat are grain feed and with no added hormones, as well.

To ward off cancer, the ocean fish you eat should have fins and scales to minimize the toxicity of heavy metals. This means shellfish of all types is dangerous for you to eat when you are desperately trying to prevent cancer cells from claiming your body for a suitable home. In addition, seafood such as shrimp, crab, and lobster are high in cholesterol and will overwork your liver.

Express Yourself

Remember not to suppress your feelings, express your concerns to your loved ones. And find innovative ways to feel fit throughout your day. This may seem difficult with the drastic cancer prognosis you received from your doctor. However, try to put this dreadful report behind you, and be proactive to beat your cancer.

Eat as healthy as you can and exercise to your ability and find ways to laugh. The more you laugh off, causes your brain to make a plethora of endorphins that are released throughout your body. These chemicals are known to kill cancer cells further!

Be high-spirited! Know the inner healer within you desires more than anything to restore you to health! Draw on this great inspiration and do everything in your power to beat your cancer ailment. Believe your glorious body will take care of the rest!

Not All Foods Are Beneficial, Even Though They Taste Great!

A Thanksgiving feast is wonderful, however, make sure you don't overeat fattening and overly processed foods.
A Thanksgiving feast is wonderful, however, make sure you don't overeat fattening and overly processed foods. | Source
Eating fresh papaya with your dinner helps to digest your food faster.
Eating fresh papaya with your dinner helps to digest your food faster. | Source
Look Out This Hub is a HubMob!
Look Out This Hub is a HubMob! | Source

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