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Candida Diet - My War, My Journal: Day 1

Updated on May 11, 2014

The Candida Diet - What is it?

The candida diet in a nutshell - haha, in-joke for all your candida sufferers out there - is excluding all sugars and yeast from your diet. These can be found in refined carbohydrates products mainly, but sadly also in fruits.

Being Successful with the Candida Diet

One of the hardest things you will find with the candida diet is that when you think you know what you can and cannot eat, a new piece of "information" comes to light and what you can eat shrinks.

That nice woman at the health food stores say that this is okay to eat, but then the internet says it is not okay to eat - well, that piece of internet there said so, this one over here (and here), they say it is not okay. Oh and a friend of a friend - you know, Joe - He says he went to a specialist and they said that this it is actually okay to eat. But hang on, you remember Julie from school, right? - you met her for.. water last week - Anyway, she says her dad works within this area and it is definitely NOT okay to eat.

When you eat it you feel fine but you do not know if it is okay to eat or not - "Well, if you like it, eat it. Fact" - Well, thanks there buddy. You are very helpful. Right now hitting you about the head with a huge carrot is something that I would like, is that okay? Is that, "FACT" ?

Arghh. Yeah. You know what I am talking about now, right? What to do?

The good news is that in most cases, this diet is not forever and is only for short-term as you slowly bring back the carbohydrates - and hopefully learning from your old ways that got you into trouble. The amount of time in which you need to stay on the diet can vary from person to person but one key factor is the amount of time you were "ill" for.

Candida Assault - Day 1 - THE Breakfast-ing of the END

I primed my troops; made sure I had enough supplies. I went out and sort special weapons, weapons that I had not used against them before. I aim to achieve victory and I aim to stick it out no matter how tough it gets. Success is the only option.

That should set the tone, I think.

I had myself a breakfast of eggs, lentils, asparagus and cucumber. Nearing the end of this I announced a, "fire in the hall!" by taking - for the first time as I am damn well sick of feeling like *X#+ - some capsules, and drops. Both are proven to beat candida and yeast overgrowth back so I am not talking any chances and I do not want to go back and be told to add this or change that.


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    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 4 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Yes, I think you just have to do your best with what you know and stick to it. Maybe change slightly if something is hugely beneficial - I stopped with all purely carbohydrate things, excluding lentils, quinoa etc after posting this

    • profile image

      Jane Rankin 4 years ago

      I laughed while reading this and I know EXACTLY what you mean when hearing so many different pieces of information from many different sources. We are all different so some things will work for some and not others! Good luck to you and your war ;)