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Candida - Home Remedies!

Updated on September 10, 2012


Candida is usually a Stress related condition. Marked by a seriously compromised immune disorder or response. Candida albicans can normally live harmlessly in our gastriontesticnal tracts and the genito-urinary areas of our body.

Candida can also be defined as infection of the skin or mucous membrane with any species of candida but mainly candida albicans. It Usually is Localized on the skin, nails, vagina, vulva, bronchi or lungs, but can also infect the bloodstream.


  • hormonal imbalances
  • severe itching
  • prostatitis
  • dizziness
  • foggy thinking
  • extreme fatigue
  • loss of memory
  • weight gain
  • weight loss
  • vaginal yeast infections
  • anxiety and depression

Symptoms of Candida

Symptoms include but not limited to:

  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • colitis
  • bloating
  • muscle and joint pain
  • clogged sinuses
  • vaginitis
  • kidney or bladder infections
  • memory loss
  • mood swings
  • adrenal problems
  • low blood sugar
  • thyroid problems

Causes of Candida

  • repeated courses of antibiotics
  • higher sugar diet
  • Stress ( this can be one of the top reasons)
  • lack of rest
  • lack of relaxation

Suplement Support for Candida


excellent product: is a natural yeast management product

Probiotic supplements:

  • (Good bacteria)
  • good for fighting agaist candida or any fungal infection.

Use natural antibiotics:

  • Biotic silver
  • olive leaf extract
  • goldenseal
  • oil of oregano
  • grapefruit seed extract

Plan of Attack

  • Kill yeast through diet change.
  • Avoid antibiotics unless its absolutely necessary (use natural antibiotic alternatives)
  • Detoxify the body to cleanse the dead yeast from the body
  • Use enzyme therapy to strengthen the digestive system.
  • Rebuild immunity
  • Additional reading
  • and lots of rest and relaxation (stress management program)

Avoid Foods such as:

  • foods that contain vinegars (mustard, mayonnaise, etc)
  • fermented foods (cheese sauerkraut, soy sauce, etc
  • processed meats: (specially hot dogs sausages bacon etc)
  • Avoid Caffeine and cokes.
  • eliminate all sugar and sugar containing foods.
  • foods made from flour( breads, pastas, tortillas, cakes, cookies etc.

Try to Eat:

  • dense protein foods ( chicken and fish.)
  • as Many vegetables as possible
  • drink only filtered or bottled water. Tap contains chlorine, which can reduce healthy flora in the body
  • Yogurt especially Organic Yogurt is really helpful
  • Pro-biotic supplements
  • Biotin is a great supplement
  • Candex is also a great supplement


Suffering with Candida is not the end of the world. There is hope! There are many diets and stress management programs that can completely reverse Candida. First be sure to seek your physician and see what the real problem is. Sometimes Candida can be a symptom of a serious illness, or disease. So just fighting the symptom, will not get rid of the cause of it.

Thyroid conditions such as Hoshimoto's disease can cause candida. Also Stress can definitely trigger cortisol hence causing candida. Most times Candida can be caused from overuse of anti-biotics without a pro-biotic (yogurt-plain) plan. Even kidney problems or auto-immune disorder.

So it is very important to start seeing your physician, to get to the root of the problem and then begin a plan of recourse, and a diet to get rid of Candida.


I hope this article will help you with your candida or atleast be aware of it. I will continue to add information, and I hope you will enjoy some other articles I have written other articles such as Candida - What is it? also reviews on Coconut Oil, How much water do I need to drink daily, health and home remedies.

Just follow the Butterfly.


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