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Can't Lose Weight, Not Losing Fat. Weight Loss Tips that Work.

Updated on September 15, 2015

Why You Can't Lose Weight

Do you know how to lose weight? If you can lose weight easily and keep it off then your answers should be 'yes'. If you have trouble losing weight or you quickly gain it all back then your answer should be 'no'. Sometimes people think they are right when they are wrong. This is especially true with weight loss. People will keep failing to lose weight because they don't know what they are doing. Their assumptions and their logic is wrong. They think they know the best ways to lose weight but they don't.

People that tried and failed to lose weight often continue to think that they are right and they will give weight loss advice to other people. One of the main differences between people that can't lose weight and people that can is their beliefs. People that are good at losing weight think their way is the best way. People that can't lose weight think their way is the best way. If they don't change their beliefs then they will continue to fail. Your probably can't lose weight because of your beliefs. When trying again and again does not work it is time to try a different approach. Don't keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.

I increased my strength by lowering weights instead of lifting them. It is called negative training. I lost fat by eating more food and spending more time in front of my TV. To lose weight you may need to do things that seem wrong.
I increased my strength by lowering weights instead of lifting them. It is called negative training. I lost fat by eating more food and spending more time in front of my TV. To lose weight you may need to do things that seem wrong. | Source

Weight Loss Plans

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Weight Loss Tips That Work

  1. Stop Torturing Yourself

    People that have trouble losing weight tend to associate weight loss with self torture. They think of things they don't want to do and things they don't want to have. Focusing on what you don't want is a form of self sabotage. Thinking about fat can make it harder to get rid of it. You don't need to think about fat or have weight loss goals to lose fat. People that are good at losing weight associate weight loss with having fun and feeling good. Plan to have fun and do things that make you feel good. Focus on feeling the way you want to feel and on getting the results you want. That is what a lot of skinny people do. They don't need to work at being skinny. When you torture yourself you are cursing yourself. Make your own good luck.

  2. Eat More

    Do skinny people starve themselves or are they naturally thin? Most lean people did not get that way by starving themselves and they are not naturally thin. If eating less food was a good way to lose weight then losing weight would be easy. Starving yourself does not work. You have probably seen skinny people that eat a lot of food. Maybe you thought they should eat less. I have seen overweight people and thought that they should eat more food. Food provides you with energy and nutrients. People that focus on consuming fewer calories tend to burn fewer calories and increase their junk food cravings. Food is not bad. Try eating more food. Diets do not usually work. Eat What You Want and Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting.

  3. Give Yourself More Energy

    People that have trouble losing weight often suffer from a lack of energy. They burn fewer calories and consume more because they are tired. The energy drinks and junk food people consume because they are tired contain a lot of empty calories. There are lots of ways to feel more energetic. Maintaining a sleep schedule and limiting the amount of time you spend sitting still would help. I also recommend meditation, tai chi, qigong or yoga. If you practice them on a regular basis then you will have a lot more energy and require less sleep. Spend more time relaxing and being active to give yourself more energy. Avoid meals that make you feel tired.

  4. Switch to Active Entertainment

    Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Sedentary means inactive. Lean healthy people tend to be active. Think about all the time you spend sitting still. A lot of people workout to lose weight but they don't get the results they want. The problem is that they still have a sedentary lifestyle. They still spend too much time sitting or laying down. If you can't lose weight then try to switch from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. Switch from sedentary entertainment to active entertainment. Learn new exercises while you are on your computer or mobile device. Exercise while you watch TV. Go for walks in the woods, bike around provincial parks, play motion controlled video games and do other things for fun. Working out to lose weight does not work for most people. They also need to switch to more active forms of entertainment.

    Adults tend to replace active entertainment with inactive entertainment. They play sedentary games like cards, chess and checkers, read or watch TV. In my opinion the best way to lose weight is to cut down on the sedentary entertainment. Replace it with active entertainment. Exercise helps you lose weight and it is good for your brain. Boredom can stop you from losing weight. So do your best to avoid it. Be active and avoid boredom.

  5. Make it Easier

    People tend to think weight loss should be really difficult. So they find ways to make it harder. You can exercise while you watch TV. You can burn calories while playing motion controlled video games. You can eat dessert when you are on a diet. Sitting still and relaxing for 15 minutes can help you lose weight. So can getting a good night's sleep. Saying yes more often when people ask you to do things can help you become leaner. Willpower fades. So weight loss plans that depend on it usually fail. Only doing one or two things and limiting the amount of time makes weight loss more difficult. A lot of people will spend less than 30 minutes a day trying to become leaner. The rest of the time they continue to stick to their old habits. Do lots of little things to make weight loss easier.

  6. Add Power

    When exercising to slim down people often just go through the motions. They forget to add power. Lift your hands near your face. Then do a pretend punch. Try again but this time add power. Focus on what you are doing and punch like you are punching a punching bag. Shadow boxing can be a great way to get lean but if you don't add power to your punches you are wasting your time. Whenever possible make sure you do powerful moves even if you are just playing a Wii sports game or walking. Focus on what you are doing. Intend to do powerful moves. Increase the weight, resistance or speed. I like doing cardio exercises like step ups while holding on to a medicine ball. Do explosive movements and stop yourself, propel yourself into the air or throw something.

  7. Keep Trying New Things

    When you do the same routine over and over again nothing happens. You could workout for a year and have nothing to show for it. To change your body you need to change your routine. Go on a diet and you might become leaner but the weight loss will stop. Start a workout routine and you might lose some fat but the fat loss will stop. You go from changing your body to maintaining it. Usually it happens within 2 or 3 weeks. If you stop making progress then change your routine again. Some people avoid exercises they are bad at. For weight loss you should avoid exercises you are good at. Start a new exercise or exercise routine. Improve and get good at it. Then switch to a different exercise.

  8. Fat Loss or Weight Loss

    Sometimes people become fatter when they lose weight. They lose muscle and gain fat. If you want to lose weight to fit into your jeans then you really want to lose fat. If you want a flatter firmer belly then you want to lose fat. Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. Losing weight does mean you lost fat. Gaining weight does not mean you gained fat. Trying to lose weight can prevent you from losing fat. It is a common mistake people make. They try to lose weight but they should be replacing the fat with muscle. They should be trying to increase their muscle weight. When I lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 45 pounds of muscle people thought I lost weight. If you keep failing to lose 20 to 30 pounds of fat try replacing the 20 to 30 pounds of fat with muscle.

  9. Know How to Measure Success

    The easiest way to see if you lost weight is to step on the scale but stepping on the scale is not the best way to measure success. You can see how much fat you can grab, see if your pants fit, use a measuring tape, check the scale, pay attention to how you feel, look at yourself in a mirror and take pictures. People that just use a scale to measure their success are more likely to give up. When you step on a scale you are not just weighing the fat and the scale may not be accurate. The best way to measure success is to use all the methods I mentioned and write down the results. You need to be able to compare the current results with the older ones. Personally while slimming down I don't mind gaining weight. I like to increase my muscle weight.

  10. Switch to Positive Thinking

    Are you setting yourself up to fail? Don't think about donuts. Quit eating junk food. Lose fat. Lose 20 pounds. People tend to be very negative when they are trying to lose weight. Negative thinking is bad. It can cause people to gain weight. If you use negative thinking then you are more likely to gain fat than to lose it. If you lose weight you will probably end up losing more muscle than fat. Be mindful of your thoughts and the words you use. Replace 'quit' with 'start'. Replace 'lose' with 'gain'. Gain muscle. Focus on improving. Instead of trying to lose fat or weight you could try to improve your strength, endurance or speed.

    I started exercising while I watched TV. I started eating healthier. I tried to gain muscle. You can become leaner, healthier and happier. You can be more relaxed and have more fun. When you use negative thinking you get what you don't want. Use positive thinking to help you get what you want.

Lean people running. Running is a good way to get in shape.
Lean people running. Running is a good way to get in shape. | Source
Biking to provincial parks and beaches is my favorite way to become leaner.
Biking to provincial parks and beaches is my favorite way to become leaner. | Source

Do What Works

Weight loss methods that don't usually work are very popular. Most fad diets don't work. Some work but only for a few people. The odds of success are very low. Buying exercise equipment that you are not going to use does not work. If the latest fitness craze sounds to good to be true then it probably is. When trying to lose weight it is a good idea to try methods that work for most people. Ones that have helped a lot of people lose the fat and keep it off. If the weight loss method works then people that used it will be lean or leaner than they were.

It is a good idea to start with methods that lean people use. If the method does not work for you then try another one that should work. I often see people trying to lose weight while avoiding the methods that worked for me. Even when they know the method worked for other people they avoid it. Overweight people often assume the methods lean people use will not work for them. Most fat and lean people are not that different. They just made different choices.

In the winter a lot of people gain fat. In the summer a lot of people lose fat. Their winter habits and their summer habits are different. When you change your lifestyle you change your body. Some people change their lifestyle and gain a lot of weight. Some people change their lifestyle and become leaner. If you behave like a lean person then you should be able to gradually become a lean person. When I want to experiment I try methods that might not work. When I want to lose fat fast I lose fat because I use methods that work.

Change Your Lifestyle

People that have trouble losing weight usually stick to most of their old habits. They set aside a little time to lose weight but most of the time they do what they were doing before. If you really want to be leaner then change your lifestyle. Change most of your habits. Start some new hobbies. Take up an activity like hiking, biking, running, rollerskating, kayaking, yoga or tai chi and really get into it. I became a cyclist. I started biking long distances. It changed how I exercise, my eating habits, how I relax, what I do for entertainment, etc. It changed my lifestyle and my body. I look like an athlete.

  • Stop torturing yourself.
  • Eat more.
  • Give yourself more energy.
  • Switch to active entertainment.
  • Make it easier.
  • Add power.
  • Keep trying new things.
  • Try to lose fat or weight.
  • Know how to measure success.
  • Switch to positive thinking.
  • Do what works.
  • Change your lifestyle.

© 2015 Michael H


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