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Can't Sleep Choose Alex

Updated on September 7, 2010

Am I getting old or is it the dog that smells ?

Last week we moved into a new house. Well it was new to us. This home is just one block from my daughter and her husband and my only grandchildren. I love my three grandchildren and they have so much energy.They move as if they exist in some sort of time warp. First they are by the table talking and the next thing I know they are in another room. Thinking back a really long time ago I was once that quick. Now I swear I have to mark the sidewalk to see if I have moved. I am at that age when parts of my body ( the parts I don't want to grow ) grow larger and the parts I wouldn't mind growing seem to have retired. Men mostly live hopefully into at least their late eighties. That would be another thirty years give or god forbid take a few years. I can think back thirty years and remember what I was doing. It doesn't seem that long ago. No really it don't. That is what scares me. How fast is this next thirty is going to go? But I digress. The main reason I am writing this is to ask my fellow men of my certain age, " Are these same things happening to you , or is it just me?  I was sitting with my wife of almost forty years in a restaurant last week stirring equal into my tea, least I add to my weight, when two very good looking very young ladies walked by. One smiled at me nodded her head ever so slightly and winked at me. We were sitting in a corner booth and I still turned around to see if someone was behind me. In my mind I smiled and winked back and pointed my finger at her. In reality I smiled and nodded and ask my wife if I had taken my Nexium.this morning. The last thing I needed was indigestion when we returned home and I settled down to watch television. She assured me that I not only took it but a virtual medicine cabinet of others to combat all my ailments. Now I write about one blog a week mostly about my basset hound or about some social ecological problem I wish to expound about and I got to thinking. With all the problems drug companies have with their patents running out and the lose of prophits from oversea drug companies all any one would have to do is do a movie about me. It could be marketed under the guise of an insomnia cure. If watched before going to bed you will undoubtedly fall fast asleep within five minutes max. If you would happen to awaken your brain will induce sleep immediately for fear of the consumer watching more of it. I know it would work even as I write this I am fighting the urge to fall asleep at my desk. "Oh great, now the dammed dog is awake and wants to go out." Good night all. Hopefully at least one of you will write me back.


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