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Cap Barbells 40 Pound Dumbbells With Carrying Case

Updated on May 17, 2012

When shopping for new gym equipment it might seem overwhelming at first. However, when you finally find the Cap Barbell 40 pound dumbbell set with carrying case, you will have found the best. Cap Barbell is the leader free weight innovation. It has been in the business for over 50 years providing the highest quality, durable and innovative dumbbell designs to home and gym users. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Cap 40 Pound Dumbbells With Carrying Case.


The CAP barbell and the 40 pound dumbbell set with carrying case come in at a great value. You get the complete set for around 40 to 50 dollars. Just 1 solid cast iron plate would cost you just as much at this low price. The package includes the two standard dumbbell handles four butterfly/star locks, four 5 pound weights, four 2.5 pound weights, and a carrying case. The weights and case come in a magnificent black finish that would look great in any home gym decor. The biggest advantage is that the weights come in an adjustable set. So, you never need to go, and buy more weight because you can just add it whenever your reps call for it. This adjustable set can be configured to hold up to 40 pounds per bar.

The largest advantage of this set is that it can be silently hidden away once it is in the small package. You can use the carrying case to bring it on your vacation so you will never miss a workout session.


The biggest con is that the actually carrying case is made out of plastic. So, over time the plastic case will break. If, you are on the road a lot and want to take this adjustable set with you opt for the metal case. It cost a little bit more but is a lot more durable in the long run.

Being the adjustable type of barbell it may take some getting used to between reps to swap out the weights for the next set. You need to unscrew the lock then place the correct amount of weights on each end. Then you are ready to go. Where the solid cast iron weights you get your 10 sec breathing exercise and off you go with the next weight in hand. It only requires a few clicks, and I have managed to get it down to about 20 seconds per barbell. The product is great investments for those who are not so worried about the few seconds it takes to switch. However, there are those who like the work out to be very precise in time measurements so this may not be the product for them

The weights in this set are usually quite accurate in terms of weight. When the box says 40 pounds, sometimes during the manufacture process the weights are reduced so some may weigh less than stated. However, they are much more accurate than many of the other adjustable weights out there.

For an inexpensive, complete cap barbell set, this is one of the best ones on the market. It even comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about replacing them in a few years. Simple send it back to Cap Barbell, and they will send you a new one. So, for home gym use this is a great investment worth getting.


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  • gregoriom profile image

    Deninson Mota 5 years ago from East Elmhurst, NY


    I got it. It is pretty easy to put it away. Even though I don't use it that much, because I usually go to the gym. But when I do use them, I find it very practical the fact that you can put it anywhere you want, because they don't take a lot of space.