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Capsule pills better then tablets?

Updated on February 15, 2016

Nutrient absorption

Simply put...absorption is the movement of nutrients into one's blood stream.

What you eat or drink needs to have the nutrients absorbed into the blood stream for optimal nutrition.

This goes for vitamins, minerals, and drugs too. Why would we take any of these if we did not want optimal absorption from them?

Tablet absorption

Nutrients or drugs that come in a tablet most likely have less of an absorption rate then those that come in a capsule or liquid form. This is due to the fact that the coating on a tablet may act as a barrier and could reduce the dissolve rate of the pill. Therefore it could allow the tablet to pass through the stomach and intestines with some of it still intact and resulting in a lack of nutrients into one's blood stream.

This is not optimal for nutritional needs. To receive the same absorption rate you would with an encapsulated pill you would most likely have to take more then the recommende3d dosage and at different times of the day to get the absorption you desire.

Some medical tablets have certain coatings on them for different reasons. The drug may need to reach different parts of the body before the absorption is needed. Asking your medical doctor for advice on drug tablets is going to be your best bet.

Capsule absorption

When comparing encapsulated nutrition supplements to tablet supplements, capsules win, in my opinion, hands down.

The absorption rate for encapsulated nutrients is much higher and your body will reap more benefits from these products. This way you get more "bang for you buck."

Most nutritional capsules are made out of some sort of gelatin and start dissolving almost immediately in the stomach. This allows for less waist and a happier blood stream.

Capsules versus Tablets

Tablets are typically the "cheaper" of the two nutritional supplement. You may find them as much as half the price as a capsule supplement. This may sound like a "no brainer," but actually this is not case.

You may get a great discount on a tablet but in the long run you are actually paying more as you will need to take more to get what is in the capsules. One capsule and one tablet of the same supplement are NOT created equal.

You may pay a few more dollars to buy a quality encapsulated supplement but you will reap the positive benefits of the capsule both physically and physiologically.

Buying cheap is not always the BEST choice but buying QUALITY is.

Purchasing Supplements

The key to buying the right supplements is by word of mouth and trial and error. Many companies are out there selling both tablet and capsule nutritional supplements and of course you will find most of them will say that they are the best.

If you would like a company to start your search for high quality encapsulated nutrients please visit

They even have calcium in a capsule which is very hard to find as calcium is extremely difficult, expensive, and time consuming to make in a capsule. This is the primary reason most companies choose to invest in tablet merchandise.


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