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Carbs Toll on The Body

Updated on January 11, 2016

What is Your Diet Like?

This is the first thing to ask your self,

1) Do you eat more pastas, breads, cereals, muffins, potatoes, or grains?

2) Or, is it more of a vegetable and fruit based mixed with all the other food groups such as protein.

Well I hope you choose the second option for a balanced nutrition, but if you're like me and eating your favorite foods, then you must've chosen the first option.

What are... Car-bo-hyd-rates?

Carbohydrates are a variety of foods that include grains, potatoes, breads, and pastas. All these examples contain a wheat entity that has been either refined and then enriched or fortified. To explain refined better..

When wheat is picked it contains a Germ: The Germ is the base of the kernel, this is the embryo where sprouting occurs. It is a source of oil and is rich in Vitamin E. The outermost part is called the Bran: The Bran contains most of the fiber and has a good source of vitamins and minerals. The last part is called the Endosperm: It is the largest part of the kernel and It is made of starch, but also contains the kernels' proteins, along with vitamins and minerals.

- Visualizing Nutrition

Once the process of collecting the wheat is complete, it goes through a process of refining. Refining is when a break down of the components of wheat occurs and gets rid of the nutritious value. The bran and germ as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals are removed in the refining process and the only thing left is the Endosperm.

The next process is that they put the wheat into enrichment and fortification. This is required in the United States because when it is refined, most of its nutrional value is taken away. Enrichment and Fortification just means they add vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, riboflavin,niacin, folic acid and iron to refined grains.

Educating Ourselves on Bad and Good Carbs

These new products of refined wheat are later used to make our favorite fortified cereals, and enriched breads.

This is How they Effect our Body and Health in a Negative Way (Were refined and enriched)

* What people don't realize is that our new processed food on our table has now lost its fiber, which is what we need to keep our digestive tract clean and clear. As well working for our bodies healthy add on for its' nutritional value.

* Bad carbs cause blood level to spike, because of all the sugar intake carbs are converted to fat cells that stick to your body.

* HIgh blood glucose levels = feeling tired as well as affects brains performance. In result you feel tired from your carb-filled breakfast consisting of that cereal and muffin you ate.

This is How they Effect our Body and Health in a Positive Way (Were not refined in the first place)

* Refined carbs carry many different types of sugars


These all contain sugars either working for our bodies health such as bringing it energy, or breaking down food.

*If the body eats carbs that are not enriched, rather than spiking blood levels and turning into fat cells, It uses the carbs as a energy to burn throughout your day.

*Choosing whole wheat grains works for you because it contains fibers and chemical structures that enforce your body to work longer to digest it, which causes energy to be dispersed over a longer period of time.

Underneath, I've included examples for you to get a better idea of what to substitute as a food group on your plate next time. Hopefully we develop the habit to start choosing the whole wheat and healthier grains as a result!

Health Problems + Eating Bad Carbs

All illnesses come from 90% of your diet. How you eat determines your energy, drive, sleep, work, and relationships.If you are someone with health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetic, has Alzheimers or know someone who has Autism. All these facts above absolutely concern you and your lifestyle quality and future.

Not only is your blood affected, but if you continue your brains agility is too. Eating too many carbs and having these health problems correlate:

Diabetics: If you are eating carbs and are diabetic, there is a constant checking of blood level changes. A spike in your blood level from the bad carbs can you make you feel sick and seek treatment.

High Blood Pressure Patients: Its actually been shown that eating a low carb / low fat diet lowers your blood pressure. Although,once you start eating too much and you know you're prone to inclined blood pressure you may be in danger of stroke or a blood vessel cloth. Patients with a family history should be aware of all they're dangers in the type of diet they keep up as well as life style.

Autistic Patients: Autistic patients actually need to be very aware of their diet. In my brothers' case his brain stopped connecting neurotransmitters because basically parts of his brain became non working. Considering I said that carbs give you fatigue and a tired feeling they put a toll on your mental ability. It is very important autistic children eat gluten free foods in general and as less carbs as possible for developing new connections in their brains performance.

Alzheimers: In my opinion the most directly related to carbs is Alzheimer's disease. When our blood level spikes we cause an inflammation in our bodies. This inflammation leads us to disease. Alzheimer's is also caused from a slowing in our ability to feed our brain the food it needs such as folic acids, fatty- omega 3's, and DHA (naming some good vitamins to take too!) If we block up our neuroreceptors with whats contained in carbs. We block up our thinking, cause fogginess, and blur our memory.

If we spent time at the grocery store deciding what would benefit us in the long run we may not be so close minded to better health. If we also planned instead of just stuffing ourselves with what we find in the fridge we can also improve our longevity!


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