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Care and Hygiene is the Best Way to avoid Skin Problems in the Feet

Updated on June 26, 2015


In view of the immense services that our feet render towards our everyday activities we should be extreme thankful them and diligently caring for them. From morning till night, they carry our weight and the weight of our dreams. They not only move us physically from one place to another, they provide mobility to our aims and desires too. This rather poetic beginning to the article was necessitated by a sudden realization about the work done by our legs on an everyday basis.

In this article we will discuss about ways and means to keep our feet happy and healthy. We will discuss about the effects of weather and chemicals on our feet and how the best foot creams work to protect and pamper the most hardworking parts of our bodies.

How Weather Affects our Feet:

Winter season:

A dip in temperature is equal to a dip in the health of our feet. Low temperatures rob moisture from our feet and leave them dry, cracked, and even bleeding. Some individuals suffer more than others when it comes to cracked heels. But the solution for all basically involves keeping the feet moisturized, a task which the best foot cream do very well.

Rainy season:

With all the rain falling from the sky, the season is enchanting and refreshing. However, the rains bring with them an increased threat of infection, a threat that is usually dealt with proper hygiene and frequent cleaning of the feet after every walk in the rains. Although frequent feet-washing is an excellent way to stop microorganisms from thriving on the feet, it severely depletes the feet of necessary oils and moisture. And obviously, lack of oils and moisture leads to a state of dryness, which in turn leads to cracked and even bleeding skin. Health cannot be compromised, either of the body or of the feet; therefore, the feet-washing routine should be continued and supplemented by application of foot cream. As mentioned earlier, with the application of a foot cream for dry feet, the feet can remain smooth and supple even after being subjected to frequent soap washes.

Summer season:

Summers are synonymous with sweating, a lot of which occurs within the shoes and socks. For this reason, the feet become prone to infections, apart from the malodor that is hugely repulsive. To keep the feet dry and health, it is advisable to clean them multiple times in a day. Application of scented power is also advisable as it prevents sweating and keeps out the foul smell.

Foot Cream For Dry Feet


Skin Problems in the feet:

Most of the skin problems in the feet occur due to the action of the shoes against the skin. During physical activities like running or playing, the feet remain under a lot of abrasive pressure, the continuance of which leads to problems like bleeding and skin thickening in different areas of the foot. Bleeding makes it difficult to workout or play with the same intensity, and it also increases the risk of infection. Skin thickening at pressure points makes the skin very sensitive and leads to difficulty in running and even in walking. Like always, keeping the feet clean is the best way to avoid infections and skin thickening. Continued pressure on the skin leads to increasing thickness, which is quite painful. The best way to solve the problem is by applying foot cream of a reliable brand, something like the Gold Foot Cream on the affected area. Foot cream provides moisture to the dry and thick area and restores its smoothness.

Poor-fitting shoes: Shoes which are tight and which do not allow the skin to breathe do a lot of damage. Tightness increases friction inside the shoes and leads to sensitive skin. Suffocating fabric increases the growth of microorganism and leads to various foot infections.

Chemical reaction: One can be exposed to chemical in a lot of way, either in the workplace or at home. Shampoos, disinfectants, soaps, etc. can at times react adversely. The best way is to recognize the symptoms and remain away from such sources of reaction.

As always, the basic way to avoid all skin problems in the foot is care. A well-cared food rarely falls prey to any skin problem. Clean and moisturized is the mantra for foot care. By keeping the feet clean, using fresh socks, good shoes, and the best foot cream, it is easy to avoid things which make things difficult for the feet.

What is the best way to maintain the health of your feet?

• Investing in a good foot cream
• Maintaining hygiene and applying a good foot cream
• Protecting the feet by always wearing shoes


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